58 Formal Way To Say After That

In communication, particularly written discourse, the choice of words and phrases can significantly influence the tone, clarity, and overall reception of the message. One such phrase is ‘after that,’ a common sequential indicator used to describe events that follow a certain action or point in time.

However, there are instances where a more formal or sophisticated expression is desirable to convey ideas, especially in academic, literary, or professional settings. Exploring alternative phrases to ‘after that’ not only enriches one’s vocabulary but also refines the nuance and elegance with which ideas are presented.

Formal Ways To Say After That

Below are the 58 formal ways to say “After That”:

  1. Subsequently
  2. At the succeeding moment
  3. Following that instance
  4. In the ensuing moments
  5. Upon that event
  6. Immediately following
  7. In the subsequent instance
  8. After the aforementioned point
  9. At the subsequent juncture
  10. In the following stage
  11. Post that occasion
  12. Beyond that point
  13. In the aftermath thereof
  14. In the next phase
  15. As a sequel to that
  16. At the later time
  17. Posteriorly
  18. On the subsequent occasion
  19. Right after that
  20. As it followed
  21. In the consecutive moment
  22. After the prior event
  23. In continuation
  24. Following that instance
  25. After the preceding
  26. In due course
  27. In the follow-up
  28. At a later stage
  29. As a continuation
  30. Directly ensuing
  31. Subsequent to that event
  32. In the latter part
  33. In the ensuing period
  34. On the next occasion
  35. Succeeding that
  36. In the aftermath of that event
  37. Upon the completion of that
  38. In the subsequent proceedings
  39. After the initial occurrence
  40. Next in line
  41. As the next step
  42. In the following sequence
  43. Following that
  44. Thereafter
  45. Afterwards
  46. In the wake of that
  47. Consequently
  48. In the aftermath
  49. Pursuant to that
  50. Then
  51. Posterior to that
  52. Ensuing
  53. On the heels of that
  54. After which
  55. Later on
  56. In succession
  57. Directly after
  58. Soon after

formal ways to say after that

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