Other Synonym Words for “As It Stands”

“As it stands” is an idiomatic expression indicating the current state or condition of a situation or matter without considering potential changes, providing an assessment or description of the present circumstances.

Synonym Words for “As It Stands” 

Below are the synonym words for “As it stands”:

1. Currently

Example: The project is currently under review by the management team.

2. Presently

Example: The market conditions are favorable presently, but they may change in the future.

3. At Present

Example: The budget is sufficient at present, but we need to monitor expenses closely.

4. Now

Example: The team is working on the task right now to meet the deadline.

5. In the Present Situation

Example: The company is performing well in the present situation, with steady growth.

6. As of Now

Example: The data is accurate as of now, but updates will be made regularly.

7. At the Moment

Example: The system is functioning smoothly at the moment, but we’re keeping an eye on potential issues.

8. At this Point in Time

Example: Our focus is on customer satisfaction at this point in time.

9. At this Juncture

Example: Decisions regarding the project will be made at this juncture based on available information.

10. At this Time

Example: The company’s expansion plans are on hold at this time due to market uncertainties.

11. Here and Now

Example: Let’s address the issue here and now to prevent any further complications.

12. At the Present Moment

Example: The team is collaborating effectively at the present moment to achieve project milestones.

13. In the Current State of Affairs

Example: We need to assess our resources in the current state of affairs and make strategic decisions.

14. As of the Present

Example: The company’s policies are effective as of the present, but periodic reviews are essential.

15. In the Here and Now

Example: Our primary focus is on quality in the here and now rather than long-term objectives.

16. At this Instant

Example: Critical decisions need to be made at this instant to address the emerging challenges.

17. In the Existing Conditions

Example: The team is adapting to changes in the existing conditions to optimize performance.

18. At this Point

Example: Our progress is satisfactory at this point, but we need to stay vigilant for potential setbacks.

19. In the Present Circumstances

Example: The organization is thriving in the present circumstances despite economic uncertainties.

20. At the Current Time

Example: We are implementing new strategies at the current time to enhance productivity.

Other Synonym Words for “As It Stands”

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