Other Synonym Words for “At A High Level”

“At a high level” refers to a broad or overview perspective that focuses on key concepts or main points without delving into intricate details, providing a general understanding of a subject.

Synonym Words for “At A High Level”

Below are the synonym words for “At A High Level”:

1. In Broad Terms

Example: The project was discussed in broad terms during the meeting, outlining the key objectives and milestones.

2. Generally Speaking

Example: Generally speaking, the company has seen positive growth over the past quarter.

3. Overall

Example: The report provides an overall analysis of market trends and consumer behavior.

4. In a Nutshell

Example: The presentation, in a nutshell, highlighted the main features of the new product.

5. In General

Example: The manager outlined the company’s strategy in general, emphasizing the importance of innovation.

6. Broadly Speaking

Example: The speaker addressed the audience, discussing the topic broadly speaking without delving into specific details.

7. On the Whole

Example: The team evaluated the project and concluded that, on the whole, it was a success.

8. In Summary

Example: The professor, in summary, summarized the main points of the lecture before opening the floor for questions.

9. At a Glance

Example: The infographic provides an overview of the data, allowing viewers to understand the information at a glance.

10. From a Bird’s Eye View

Example: The CEO provided insights from a bird’s eye view, giving a high-level perspective on the company’s future plans.

11. In the Grand Scheme

Example: The strategic decision made by the board fits perfectly in the grand scheme of the company’s long-term vision.

12. In the Big Picture

Example: The training program focuses on skills that are crucial in the big picture of career development.

13. In General Terms

Example: The policy was explained in general terms, ensuring everyone understood its core principles.

14. At an Elevated Level

Example: The discussion took place at an elevated level, exploring high-level concepts and strategies.

15. On a Higher Level

Example: The new software addresses issues on a higher level, offering advanced features and improved performance.

16. From a Macro Perspective

Example: The economist analyzed the market trends from a macro perspective, considering global economic factors.

17. From 30,000 Feet

Example: Let’s examine the project from 30,000 feet before diving into specific tasks and timelines.

18. With a Wide Lens

Example: The manager approached the problem with a wide lens, considering various factors that could impact the outcome.

19. Taking a Bird’s Eye View

Example: The consultant recommended taking a bird’s eye view of the industry to identify emerging opportunities.

20. In a Generalized Manner

Example: The report presented the findings in a generalized manner, allowing for easy comprehension among diverse audiences.

Other Synonym Words for “At A High Level”

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