200 Creative and Funny Ways to Say Drunk

Do you want the ability to talk about being tipsy, intoxicated, and otherwise out of your mind on alcohol without getting reprimanded for inappropriate language? If so, then you are in luck because today we have compiled a list of funny and creative ways to say drunk.

With phrases ranging from lighthearted ditties like “deep into my cups” to more old-fashioned descriptors such as “in his cups,” this comprehensive guide is here to help make talking about drinking a little bit easier—and maybe even a bit funnier!

Ways to Say Drunk

Below are the 5 best ways to say “Drunk” in 2024:

  1. Sauced Up
  2. Lit Beyond Limits
  3. Buzzed Beyond Belief (Triple B)
  4. In the Spirits’ Embrace
  5. GlitchedWays to Say Drunk

Funny Ways to Say Drunk

Below are the 125 funny ways to say “Drunk”:

  1. Feeling like the room is on a merry-go-round.
  2. Navigating the world in zigzag fashion.
  3. Engaging in liquid courage overindulgence.
  4. Channeling the spirit of a wobbly flamingo.
  5. Embracing the dance moves of an enthusiastic noodle.
  6. Becoming one with the sway of the ocean, on land.
  7. Sporting the grin of a Cheshire cat with a secret.
  8. Trying to solve the mystery of the vanishing floor.
  9. Conducting a solo parade with invisible instruments.
  10. Partaking in the ancient art of tipsy telepathy.
  11. Discovering newfound fascination with inanimate objects.
  12. Leading an expedition to the elusive front door.
  13. Serenading the moon with off-key ballads.
  14. Becoming a temporary philosopher with dubious wisdom.
  15. Exploring the gravitational pull of nearby sofas.
  16. On a personal voyage across the room’s choppy seas.
  17. Engaging in a solo tango with gravity.
  18. Auditioning for the role of a human pretzel.
  19. Giving a masterclass in the physics of stumbling.
  20. Becoming a connoisseur of invisible gourmet dishes.
  21. Hosting a one-person debate on the meaning of life.
  22. Unintentionally inventing a new language.
  23. Embarking on a quest to befriend every inanimate object in sight.
  24. Practicing the ancient art of unsolicited advice.
  25. Perfecting the art of the horizontal life pause.
  26. Demonstrating the elasticity of personal space boundaries.
  27. Exploring the acoustic potential of echoing hallways.
  28. Conducting a thorough investigation of the floor’s texture.
  29. Becoming a temporary expert in interpretive dance.
  30. Reveling in the mysteries of the bathroom mirror.
  31. Pioneering the sport of synchronized swaying.
  32. Delivering a passionate soliloquy to a captive audience of furniture.
  33. Discovering the secret life of pets and houseplants.
  34. Attempting to set a new world record for slow blinking.
  35. Engaging in a deep, soulful stare-down with snacks.
  36. Mistaking the closet for a portal to Narnia.
  37. Navigating the treacherous terrain of a flat surface.
  38. Declaring undying love for the nearest appliance.
  39. Embarking on a noble quest for the lost snack.
  40. Becoming the self-appointed guardian of the remote control.
  41. Unleashing the inner poet with odes to pizza.
  42. Crafting a makeshift cape and declaring superhero status.
  43. Mistaking the dog’s bed for a luxurious sleeping arrangement.
  44. Leading an imaginary orchestra with unparalleled passion.
  45. Engaging in a spirited game of shadow tag.
  46. Proclaiming the virtues of socks as hand puppets.
  47. Attempting telekinesis with the television remote.
  48. Conducting rigorous field tests on the sofa’s buoyancy.
  49. Demonstrating the fine art of air maracas.
  50. Engaging in a detailed critique of wallpaper patterns.
  51. Becoming a temporary aficionado of abstract floor art.
  52. Inventing a new dance craze called “The Wobble.”
  53. Assuming the role of a misunderstood genius.
  54. Conducting a heartfelt serenade to a bowl of noodles.
  55. Demonstrating the delicate balance between standing and swaying.
  56. Exploring the culinary potential of mixed condiments.
  57. Establishing a deep, philosophical connection with the fridge light.
  58. Engaging in a solo expedition to the bottom of the snack bag.
  59. Testing the echo capabilities of various household items.
  60. Becoming the self-proclaimed mayor of the living room.
  61. Undertaking a passionate quest for the ultimate selfie.
  62. Delivering a moving lecture to an audience of houseplants.
  63. Demonstrating the unexpected aerodynamics of pillows.
  64. Attempting to solve the enigma of the double-vision mystery.
  65. Launching a solo career as a lounge singer.
  66. Engaging in a heartfelt duet with the washing machine.
  67. Becoming a pioneer in the field of couch gymnastics.
  68. Exploring the existential dilemma of the night’s last slice of pizza.
  69. Conducting a lively debate with the television.
  70. Assuming the role of a makeshift philosopher king.
  71. Embarking on a culinary adventure with unlikely ingredient pairings.
  72. Exploring the uncharted territory of the kitchen at night.
  73. Becoming an impromptu fashion designer with unconventional materials.
  74. Engaging in a detailed analysis of the carpet’s fabric composition.
  75. Assuming the role of a late-night snack strategist.
  76. Crafting an impromptu fort from cushions and dreams.
  77. Declaring oneself the undisputed champion of imaginary darts.
  78. Embarking on a deep-sea dive into the couch cushions.
  79. Delivering a passionate monologue to an unimpressed cat.
  80. Exploring the acoustic wonders of the bathroom echo chamber.
  81. Engaging in a spirited debate with one’s own reflection.
  82. Attempting to decipher the ancient script of autocorrect.
  83. Commandeering a broom as a noble steed.
  84. Launching an in-depth investigation into the physics of spinning rooms.
  85. Appointing oneself the grand architect of sandwich towers.
  86. Exploring the labyrinthine mysteries of one’s own pockets.
  87. Becoming a temporary virtuoso of air guitar.
  88. Embarking on a valiant quest for the Holy Grail of hydration.
  89. Practicing the subtle art of interpretive hat wearing.
  90. Engaging in a heroic battle with the nefarious shoelaces.
  91. Assuming the role of a gastronomic critic of midnight snacks.
  92. Conducting a solo symphony with kitchen utensils.
  93. Engaging in a diplomatic dialogue with the microwave.
  94. Deciphering the cryptic messages of text typos.
  95. Unleashing a flurry of enthusiastic high fives to no one in particular.
  96. Exploring the gravitational anomalies of the living room floor.
  97. Becoming an impromptu cartographer of the journey to bed.
  98. Embarking on a culinary odyssey with unlikely flavor pairings.
  99. Engaging in a philosophical musing with a wise old toaster.
  100. Practicing the ancient ritual of the midnight snack pilgrimage.
  101. Becoming a connoisseur of abstract shadow puppetry.
  102. Testing the aerodynamics of various snack foods.
  103. Conducting an impassioned serenade to the stars, from the balcony.
  104. Engaging in a meticulous study of the snack food ecosystem.
  105. Attempting to broker a peace treaty with the alarm clock.
  106. Assuming the role of a lounge room wildlife documentarian.
  107. Exploring the uncharted wilderness of the freezer.
  108. Embarking on a spirited quest to understand the cat’s wisdom.
  109. Engaging in a strategic alliance with the night’s last ice cube.
  110. Deciphering the enigmatic language of the pizza box.
  111. Becoming an accidental enthusiast of late-night infomercial lore.
  112. Crafting a makeshift throne from laundry and regal aspirations.
  113. Engaging in a daring rescue mission for the trapped cookies.
  114. Attempting to solve the riddle of the elusive phone charger.
  115. Leading a spirited expedition to the far reaches of the snack drawer.
  116. Engaging in a heartfelt dialogue with the moon.
  117. Becoming a temporary expert in the art of shadow ballet.
  118. Exploring the mystical properties of the night’s last drink.
  119. Conducting a rigorous taste test of every beverage in the fridge.
  120. Assuming the role of a nocturnal philosopher with rambling insights.
  121. Engaging in a daring duel with the stubborn jar lid.
  122. Embarking on a quest for the mythical comfort food of lore.
  123. Becoming a temporary curator of a collection of pocket treasures.
  124. Conducting a solo parade in honor of the pizza delivery hero.
  125. Engaging in a deep, soul-searching conversation with a spoon.

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Funny Ways to Say Getting Drunk


Creative Ways to Say Drunk

Below are the 70 creative ways to say “Drunk”:

  1. Hammered heavily.
  2. Completely blitzed.
  3. Thoroughly sloshed.
  4. Totally plastered.
  5. Absolutely tanked.
  6. Inebriated beyond measure.
  7. Soused to the gills.
  8. Drowning in spirits.
  9. Under liquid influence.
  10. Completely sauced.
  11. Deeply in cups.
  12. Swimming in booze.
  13. Full of hooch.
  14. Staggeringly tipsy.
  15. Smashed beyond recognition.
  16. Pickled to perfection.
  17. Floating on ethanol.
  18. Packed with pints.
  19. Heavily juiced up.
  20. Whiskey’s willing puppet.
  21. Inebriated
  22. Sloshed
  23. Three sheets to the wind
  24. Buzzed
  25. Tipsy
  26. Tight
  27. Crocked
  28. Juiced up
  29. Wrecked
  30. Blotto
  31. Plastered
  32. Hammered
  33. Fried
  34. Tanked up
  35. Sauced
  36. Smashed
  37. Buzzin’
  38. Ol-fashioned drunk
  39. Blitzed
  40. Half-cut
  41. Lit
  42. 100 proof tears
  43. Half-Seas Over
  44. Totaled
  45. Lit up like a Christmas tree
  46. Boozed up
  47. Drunk as a Skunk
  48. Faded
  49. Fried to the gills
  50. Lubricated
  51. Wasted
  52. Buzzing like a bee
  53. In the bag
  54. Soused
  55. Under The Influence (TUI)
  56. Loaded
  57. Discombobulated
  58. Happy Juiced
  59. Canned
  60. Slaughtered
  61. Zoned Out
  62. Blasted
  63. Soaked
  64. Reeling
  65. Suckin’ wind
  66. Blackout drunk
  67. Juiced
  68. Boozy
  69. Three sheets in the wind
  70. Oiled up

Funny Ways to Say DrunkCreative Ways to Say Drunk

Synonyms of Drunk:

  1. Intoxicated
  2. Inebriated
  3. Tipsy
  4. Bombed
  5. Smashed
  6. Sloshed
  7. Soused
  8. Soaked
  9. Lubricated
  10. Sauced
  11. Wasted
  12. Impaired
  13. Buzzed
  14. Merry
  15. Flushed
  16. High
  17. Three sheets to the wind
  18. Under the influence
  19. Having a few too many
  20. Legless
  21. Blotto
  22. Loaded
  23. Juiced
  24. Sizzled
  25. Stiff
  26. Plastered
  27. Potted
  28. Tanked
  29. Lit
  30. Lit up

10 Millennial Slang For Drunk

  1. Lit AF: very drunk, feeling good or excited
  2. Wasted AF: extremely drunk, beyond one’s limit
  3. Turnt up: excited, energetic, and drunk
  4. Hammered: very drunk, intoxicated to a great extent
  5. Plastered: heavily intoxicated, drunk to the point of stumbling or falling
  6. Sloshed: drunk, unsteady on one’s feet, feeling dizzy or disoriented
  7. Tanked: drunk, heavily intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol
  8. Blotto: very drunk, completely intoxicated
  9. Smashed: very drunk, intoxicated to the point of slurring speech and impaired coordination
  10. Tipsy AF: slightly drunk, feeling a bit lightheaded or unsteady on one’s feet, but not completely intoxicated.

10 British Slang For Drunk Person

  1. Bladdered: extremely drunk
    2. Ratarsed: very drunk
    3. Hammered: very drunk
    4. Wankered: very drunk
    5. Legless: extremely drunk, unable to stand or walk
    6. Steaming: very drunk
    7. Plastered: very drunk
    8. Sloshed: drunk
    9. Bevvied up: drinking a lot of alcohol
    10. Soused: drunk

10 Slang For Drunk And High

Here are 10 slang terms for being drunk or high:

  1. Wasted
  2. Hammered
  3. Lit
  4. Blazed
  5. Faded
  6. Smashed
  7. Stoned
  8. Tipsy
  9. Buzzed
  10. Plastered

10 Old Slang For Drunk

  1. Blitzed: Very intoxicated
  2. Plastered: Completely drunk
  3. Sloshed: Heavily intoxicated
  4. Tanked: Very drunk
  5. Hammered: Extremely drunk
  6. Wasted: Completely drunk
  7. Sauced: Mildly drunk
  8. Pickled: Intoxicated and drunk
  9. Three sheets to the wind: Very drunk and unstable
  10. Inebriated: Drunk and intoxicated


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