300 Creative and Funny Ways to Say Excited

Are you ready to get excited? There’s no better way to express enthusiasm than with a few creative and funny words. Expressing emotion can be difficult, especially when it comes to joy and excitement – but there are plenty of ways to say “I’m so excited!”

From silly sayings that bring a little laughter into the conversation, to clever catchphrases that add some zest and pizzazz, we’ve put together an awesome list of all the best options for how you can show your enthusiasm in a fun and interesting way. So if you’re feeling enthusiastic but don’t know what words will capture your feelings just right, keep reading!

Ways to Say Excited

Below are the 5 best ways to say “Excited” in 2024:

  1. Electrified
  2. Overjoyed
  3. Jubilant
  4. Euphoric
  5. Enraptured

Ways to Say Excited

Funny Ways to Say Excited

Below are the 140 funny ways to say “Excited”:

  1. Riding the rollercoaster of euphoria, hands in the air.
  2. Buzzing more than a hive in honey season.
  3. Grinning wider than a slice of watermelon.
  4. Jittery like jelly on a jackhammer.
  5. Floating like a balloon in a breeze.
  6. Zippier than a kangaroo on a trampoline.
  7. Sparkling with glee like a glitter bomb.
  8. Bubbling over like a soda in the sun.
  9. Sizzling with anticipation like bacon on the griddle.
  10. Gleaming like a kid who found the cookie stash.
  11. Vibrating with joy like a phone on silent in a quiet room.
  12. Bouncing higher than a rubber ball on concrete.
  13. Beaming like the sunrise on a summer day.
  14. Whirling like a dervish in a dance.
  15. Popping with enthusiasm like popcorn in the microwave.
  16. Radiating bliss like a cat in a sunbeam.
  17. Soaring like an eagle on an updraft.
  18. Giggling like a brook over pebbles.
  19. Twinkling with delight like stars at twilight.
  20. Prancing like a pony on parade.
  21. Shining with excitement like a lighthouse at night.
  22. Wiggling with glee like a puppy with a new toy.
  23. Fluttering like a flag in a breeze.
  24. Jiving like a jazz band in full swing.
  25. Purring with pleasure like a cat with cream.
  26. Swaying with happiness like a tree in the wind.
  27. Effervescent like a freshly poured soda.
  28. Quivering like a leaf in a storm.
  29. Glowing with enthusiasm like a firefly at dusk.
  30. Zinging like a pinball in an arcade.
  31. Tapping with joy like rain on a rooftop.
  32. Fizzing with energy like a bath bomb in water.
  33. Leaping like a frog into a pond.
  34. Twirling with delight like a dancer in the spotlight.
  35. Chirping with merriment like a bird at dawn.
  36. Swelling with pride like a peacock’s plume.
  37. Swooping with excitement like a hawk on the hunt.
  38. Humming with anticipation like a bee near flowers.
  39. Crackling with glee like a campfire.
  40. Skipping like a stone across water.
  41. Blazing with joy like a bonfire on the beach.
  42. Sprouting enthusiasm like flowers in spring.
  43. Billowing with elation like sails in the wind.
  44. Rippling with thrill like waves to the shore.
  45. Sparking like fireworks in the night sky.
  46. Blooming with excitement like a rose in sunlight.
  47. Bursting like a piñata at a party.
  48. Whizzing like a firework into the sky.
  49. Flaring with fervor like a flare in the dark.
  50. Streaming with delight like banners in the breeze.
  51. Whirling with euphoria like a whirlwind in motion.
  52. Flickering with anticipation like candles in the wind.
  53. Dazzling with joy like diamonds in the light.
  54. Gushing with excitement like a waterfall.
  55. Splashing with happiness like a kid in a puddle.
  56. Smoldering with eagerness like coals ready to blaze.
  57. Ripening with enthusiasm like fruit in the sun.
  58. Sprinkling joy like confetti at a parade.
  59. Swirling with gaiety like a skirt in a dance.
  60. Teeming with zest like a bustling market.
  61. Frolicking like lambs in the springtime.
  62. Cresting like a wave about to break.
  63. Unfurling like a flag in the breeze.
  64. Bristling with energy like a porcupine on alert.
  65. Flapping with joy like a flag in the wind.
  66. Shivering with anticipation like leaves before a storm.
  67. Quaking with excitement like the ground in a tremor.
  68. Roaring with enthusiasm like a lion at dawn.
  69. Surging like the tide under a full moon.
  70. Throbbing like a heartbeat in a race.
  71. Boiling over like a pot on the stove.
  72. Churning like the sea in a storm.
  73. Erupting like a volcano with joy.
  74. Undulating like waves towards the shore.
  75. Galloping like a horse towards the finish line.
  76. Blustering like a windstorm in action.
  77. Cascading like a waterfall down a cliff.
  78. Igniting like a match in the dark.
  79. Pulsating like the beat of a drum.
  80. Scintillating like stars in the night sky.
  81. Quaking with glee like the earth with laughter.
  82. Spiraling like a tornado with joy.
  83. Streaking like a comet across the sky.
  84. Swelling like the chorus of a song.
  85. Tumbling like leaves in the fall.
  86. Vaulting like an athlete over a bar.
  87. Whirling like a dervish in ecstasy.
  88. Zigzagging like lightning in a storm.
  89. Blistering with excitement like the hot sun.
  90. Coruscating like gemstones in the light.
  91. Drumming with fingers in eager anticipation.
  92. Enveloping like fog rolling over the hills.
  93. Frothing like the sea against the shore.
  94. Glinting like sunlight on the waves.
  95. Hurdling like an athlete in the race of joy.
  96. Illuminating like a beacon of happiness.
  97. Jolting like a bolt of electricity.
  98. Kicking like a newborn foal in spring.
  99. Luminating like a firework display.
  100. Melding joy like ingredients in a perfect recipe.
  101. Navigating like a ship towards a treasure.
  102. Orbiting like a planet around a star of delight.
  103. Paddling like a canoe towards excitement.
  104. Questing like a knight for the holy grail of fun.
  105. Rolling like thunder with laughter.
  106. Sailing like a ship into a sea of joy.
  107. Treading like a dancer on the stage of happiness.
  108. Unleashing like a river breaking through a dam.
  109. Vaulting like joy over obstacles.
  110. Waving like a flag in the victory of excitement.
  111. Xylophoning like a melody on the instrument of glee.
  112. Yielding like a tree to the winds of exhilaration.
  113. Zooming like a racecar to the finish line of fun.
  114. Amplifying like a speaker with the volume of joy.
  115. Bubbling like a cauldron of happiness.
  116. Careening like a rollercoaster on the tracks of thrill.
  117. Diving like a dolphin into the sea of excitement.
  118. Elevating like a hot air balloon of bliss.
  119. Flaring like the tail of a comet of joy.
  120. Gliding like an eagle on currents of euphoria.
  121. Hovering like a hummingbird over flowers of delight.
  122. Inflating like a balloon with glee.
  123. Jetting like a plane to destinations of joy.
  124. Knitting like fingers weaving threads of happiness.
  125. Lighting like a lantern in the dark of excitement.
  126. Migrating like birds to the south of joy.
  127. Nesting like a bird in the tree of happiness.
  128. Oscillating like a pendulum between moments of ecstasy.
  129. Pioneering like explorers discovering new lands of joy.
  130. Quenching like a drink satisfies thirst, but for excitement.
  131. Racing like a stream towards the ocean of delight.
  132. Spinning like a top in the playground of joy.
  133. Tinkling like a bell with the laughter of happiness.
  134. Upturning like a leaf in the winds of exhilaration.
  135. Vibrating like a string plucked in the symphony of joy.
  136. Whirling like a cyclone in the festival of glee.
  137. X-raying like a beam uncovering hidden treasures of excitement.
  138. Yachting like sailing into the sunset of joy.
  139. Zigging and zagging like a bee to flowers of fun.
  140. Orbiting like a satellite around the planet of glee.

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Funny Ways to Say Excited

Creative Ways to Say Excited

Below are the 120 creative ways to say “Excited”:

  1. Thrilled beyond belief.
  2. Eagerly awaiting.
  3. Overjoyed and eager.
  4. Stoked beyond words.
  5. Brimming with anticipation.
  6. Trembling with enthusiasm.
  7. Utterly electrified.
  8. Filled with exhilaration.
  9. Overflowing with zeal.
  10. Enthralled to the core.
  11. Ecstatic beyond measure.
  12. Fired up inside.
  13. Aflame with anticipation.
  14. Ablaze with joy.
  15. Rapturous with delight.
  16. Elated to extremes.
  17. Pulsing with energy.
  18. In a state of euphoria.
  19. Bursting with glee.
  20. Vibrating with joy.
  21. Elated
  22. Thrilled
  23. Jubilant
  24. Overjoyed
  25. Ecstatic
  26. Pumped up
  27. In high spirits
  28. Eager
  29. Anxious to get started
  30. Bursting with enthusiasm
  31. Revved up
  32. On cloud nine
  33. Looking forward to it
  34. Ready for action
  35. I Can’t wait!
  36. Beyond thrilled
  37. Beside oneself with joy
  38. Agog
  39. Rapturous
  40. On top of the world!
  41. Super psyched
  42. Fired up
  43. In seventh heaven
  44. Over the moon
  45. Chuffed to bits
  46. Jumping for joy
  47. Tickled pink
  48. Delighted beyond words
  49. On fire with excitement
  50. It’s a go!
  51. Thoroughly excited
  52. Zealous
  53. Ready to roar
  54. Popping with joy
  55. Bursting at the seams
  56. Anticipating something awesome
  57. Looking forward to it with relish
  58. Having butterflies in one’s stomach
  59. Counting down the days
  60. Giddy with anticipation!
  61. In a frenzy of excitement
  62. Overflowing with joy
  63. Buzzing with energy
  64. Psyched to go!
  65. I Can’t contain my joy
  66. Like a kid in a candy shop
  67. Ready to rock and roll!
  68. All revved up
  69. Excited as can be!
  70. Giddy with glee!
  71. Super stoked
  72. Jumping out of one’s skin
  73. Can’t wait to get started
  74. delighted
  75. Feeling blessed and excited
  76. Ready for the journey ahead
  77. So excited my heart is about to burst!
  78. Beaming with joy
  79. Super duper excited
  80. Overwhelmed with joy!
  81. On the edge of my seat
  82. Fizzing with anticipation
  83. Looking forward to it with bated breath
  84. Beyond eager to get started
  85. Enthusiastic as ever!
  86. Excitedly awaiting the adventure ahead
  87. Can’t hold in the excitement
  88. Willing and ready
  89. Joyful beyond belief
  90. Chomping at the bit!
  91. In anticipation of a great time ahead
  92. I Amped up about it!
  93. Looking forward to the thrill
  94. Thrilled to bits
  95. Ready to get this show on the road!
  96. Anxious for the fun to begin
  97. Can barely contain my excitement
  98. On the cusp of something great
  99. Jubilantly prepared
  100. Overflowing with anticipation!
  101. Radiating joy at the thought
  102. Beside oneself with excitement
  103. Super duper thrilled!
  104. Ready to party
  105. Can’t control the butterflies in my stomach
  106. In a state of euphoria
  107. Excited beyond measure
  108. Beyond jazzed up
  109. Raring to go!
  110. Eagerly awaiting the excitement ahead
  111. Over the moon with joy
  112. In absolute delight
  113. Can’t wait to experience it all!
  114. Ready, willing, and able
  115. Relishing every moment!
  116. Thrillingly eager
  117. Jumping with joy
  118. On a high from the anticipation
  119. Eagerly counting down the days
  120. Ready to make some memories!

Creative Ways to Say Excited

Synonyms of Excited:

  1. Thrilled
  2. Eager
  3. Animated
  4. Enthusiastic
  5. Passionate
  6. Roused
  7. Stirred
  8. fired up
  9. Agitated
  10. Inspired
  11. Intense
  12. Energetic
  13. Vivacious
  14. Joyful
  15. Rapturous
  16. Elated
  17. Ecstatic
  18. Exultant
  19. Overjoyed
  20. Blissful
  21. Cheerful
  22. Glad
  23. Exhilarated
  24. Thrilling
  25. Delighted
  26. Radiant
  27. Bubbly
  28. Lively
  29. Sparkling
  30. Peppy
  31. Upbeat
  32. Bubbling
  33. Perky
  34. Sparky
  35. Zesty
  36. Zingy
  37. Sparkling
  38. Animated
  39. Vivacious
  40. Jaunty
  41. Sprightly
  42. Merry
  43. Gay
  44. Jolly
  45. Bubbling over
  46. Bursting with excitement
  47. Over the moon
  48. In high spirits
  49. In a state of excitement
  50. Pumped up

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