20 Creative and Funny Ways to Say I’m Broke

In the grand tapestry of life, there are countless ways to express a single sentiment. When it comes to conveying the state of our finances, or lack thereof, there is no need to stick to the dry, mundane phrase, “I’m broke.” With a pinch of creativity, a dollop of humor, and a twist of wit, you can relay your financial predicament in a manner that might bring a smile to your face, or at least elicit a chuckle from your audience.

In this article, we explore a variety of clever, amusing, and even downright hilarious alternatives to the phrase, “I’m broke,” designed to lighten the mood and add a dash of levity to an often stressful topic.

Ways to Say I’m Broke

Below are the 5 best ways to say “I’m Broke” in 2024:

  1. My financial tank is running on empty.
  2. I’m currently in the red zone on my bank statement.
  3. I’ve hit rock bottom on my financial rollercoaster.
  4. My wallet is on a permanent vacation.
  5. I’m experiencing a severe budgetary drought.


Ways to Say I'm Broke

Funny Ways to Say I’m Broke

Below are the 10 funny ways to say “I’m Broke”:

  1. At the moment, my piggy bank’s on a diet.
  2. Financially, I’m about as stable as a three-legged chair.
  3. Kindly note, my wallet is thinner than a supermodel.
  4. Wallet’s currently suffering from a severe case of emptiness.
  5. Trying to get rich, but my bank account has a better sense of humor.
  6. My wallet’s on a permanent vacation.
  7. The bank and I are playing hide and seek, and my money is winning.
  8. Rolling so much in debts that I could be a sushi roll.
  9. On the wealth scale, I’m ‘prehistorically’ low.
  10. Got the financial strength of a wet noodle.

Creative Ways to Say I’m Broke

Below are the 10 creative ways to say “I’m Broke”:

  1. Quite destitute, my financial state is questionable.
  2. Running on empty, my wallet is worn out.
  3. Strapped for cash, I’m surviving on a shoestring.
  4. Tapped out and tightening my financial belt.
  5. Unburdened by riches, my funds have vanished.
  6. Virtually broke, I’m experiencing a monetary void.
  7. Wallet woes, I’m wallowing in financial distress.
  8. Xeroxed my money, now I’m broke and out of luck.
  9. Yearning for wealth, but left with empty hands.
  10. Zero balance, my financial well has run dry.

Funny Ways to Say I'm Broke Creative Ways to Say I'm Broke

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