160 Creative and Funny Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text

When you’re saying goodnight to that special someone, an ordinary goodbye can sound so plain. Why not jazz up the night even more by adding a little creativity and fun? Whether it’s for your romantic partner or your best friend, there are plenty of unique and humorous ways to say goodnight over a text message. Here are some clever ideas on how to liven up your last words before bedtime!

Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text

Below are the 5 best ways to say “Goodnight Over Text” in 2024:

  1. Wishing you a night as peaceful as the 🌌. Sleep tight! 🌜✨
  2. Sending you a virtual hug and cozy vibes for a restful night. 💤🤗 Goodnight!
  3. Dropping a funny/cute goodnight GIF or meme here! May your dreams be as happy as this! 😂
  4. As the moon dances with the stars, I hope your dreams are as sweet and bright. 🌟🌙 Goodnight!
  5. Hey [Name], just wanted to say goodnight and remind you that you’re awesome! See you in the dream world. 🚀🌛

Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text

Funny Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text

Below are the 80 funny ways to say “Goodnight Over Text”:

  1. Sailing to the land of dreams.
  2. Off to hug my pillow.
  3. Dream catcher on duty.
  4. Blanket burrito time.
  5. Journeying to the sleep kingdom.
  6. Nighty night, world.
  7. Hibernation mode on.
  8. To sleep, perchance to dream.
  9. Stars are out, so am I.
  10. Tucking myself in.
  11. Joining the snoring symphony.
  12. Catching the sleep train.
  13. Slipping into dream mode.
  14. On my way to snoozeville.
  15. Goodnight, moon and stars.
  16. Pillow paradise awaits.
  17. Dozing off into the unknown.
  18. Dreams, here I come.
  19. Wrapped up in dreamland.
  20. Off to count some stars.
  21. Closing the eyelids curtain.
  22. Night falls, so do I.
  23. Escaping to the land of nod.
  24. Bedtime: Unplugging from reality.
  25. Sleep’s calling my name.
  26. Taking a trip to dream world.
  27. Under the covers I go.
  28. Lights out, dreams on.
  29. Let the dreams begin.
  30. Floating into the night.
  31. Bed beckons, I follow.
  32. Goodnight, sleep tight.
  33. Off to the land of slumber.
  34. Joining the midnight dreamers.
  35. Into the night I go.
  36. Slumber party of one.
  37. Sweet dreams, here they come.
  38. Off on a dream adventure.
  39. Moonlight serenade, then sleep.
  40. Bed’s calling, can’t ignore.
  41. Pillow, prepare for landing.
  42. Nighttime: Off goes the light.
  43. Time to disappear into dreams.
  44. See you in dreamland.
  45. Ready for my nightly voyage.
  46. Heading off to snooze town.
  47. Signing out for the night.
  48. Eyelids getting heavy.
  49. Riding the waves of sleep.
  50. Heading to the dream factory.
  51. Nighty night, don’t let bedbugs bite.
  52. Off to recharge for tomorrow.
  53. Letting the stars guide my dreams.
  54. Slipping into a peaceful slumber.
  55. Off to dream of joy.
  56. Whispering a goodnight to the world.
  57. Cozy under the night sky.
  58. Time for a dreamy escape.
  59. Ready for my bedtime journey.
  60. Nighttime calls, I answer.
  61. Off to dream big.
  62. Stars twinkling, eyes closing.
  63. Saying goodbye to today.
  64. Sleep’s sweet embrace awaits.
  65. Drifting off into peacefulness.
  66. Time for my beauty rest.
  67. Embracing the quiet of the night.
  68. Ready for the night’s embrace.
  69. Off to meet the sandman.
  70. Sinking into a dreamy state.
  71. Ready for some pillow talk.
  72. Welcoming the night’s peace.
  73. To bed, to rest.
  74. Falling into a gentle slumber.
  75. Off on a dreamy quest.
  76. Letting the night take over.
  77. Stars guide me to sleep.
  78. Embracing the calm of night.
  79. Dreamland, here I come.
  80. Goodnight, until the dawn.

Creative Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text

Below are the 80 creative ways to say “Goodnight Over Text”:

  1. Sleep tight, dreamland awaits!
  2. May the stars watch over you tonight!
  3. Let the moon guide you into a peaceful slumber.
  4. Rest easy, my nocturnal friend!
  5. Catch you on the flip side (of the pillow)!
  6. Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!
  7. Nighty-night, butterfly kisses and sweet dreams!
  8. Close your eyes, drift away, and meet me in dreamland!
  9. Until tomorrow, my sweet nightingale.
  10. Goodnight, my human burrito – snuggle up tight!
  11. Wishing you a night filled with fluffy pillows and warm blankets.
  12. Sleep well, my little dream chaser.
  13. Rest your head and enter the world of dreams.
  14. Goodnight, may your dreams be as sweet as you!
  15. Close your eyes and let the sandman whisk you away.
  16. See you in the land of nod, sweet dreams!
  17. Goodnight, time to recharge your batteries!
  18. And now, we sleep.
  19. Nightcap: a warm embrace from your pillow.
  20. Wishing you a night filled with sheep to count!
  21. Sweet dreams!
  22. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.
  23. May your pillow be soft and your rest be deep.
  24. Goodnight, sleep like a log.
  25. I hope you have wonderful dreams tonight.
  26. May your sleep be peaceful and restful.
  27. Time to catch some zzz’s!
  28. Sending lots of love and hugs your way as you drift off to sleep.
  29. Have a goodnight and sweet dreams to come!
  30. Sweet dreams, my love.
  31. I’m wishing you sweet dreams tonight and always!
  32. Good night and sleep well!
  33. I’m sending a good night kiss your way!
  34. May your sleep be restful and your dreams be sweet.
  35. I’m wishing you a good night with stars in your eyes.
  36. Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed!
  37. Here’s to a night of peaceful slumber.
  38. Hope your night is as beautiful as you are!
  39. Have a beautiful night, and sweet dreams!
  40. Have a restful and peaceful night!
  41. Nighty night! Sweet dreams!
  42. Sleep well, my love.
  43. Have a cozy and restful night.
  44. Sending you all of the goodnight vibes!
  45. Goodnight and have sweet dreams, my friend!
  46. Time for some beauty sleep.
  47. Time to hit the hay!
  48. Sending you lots of love as you drift off to sleep.
  49. Have a good night, my darling!
  50. Goodnight and dream sweetly!
  51. Have a wonderful night of restful sleep!
  52. May your dreams be full of adventure and joy!
  53. Sleep well, my dearest friend.
  54. Sweet dreams, the angel of mine.
  55. I hope you have the sweetest dream tonight!
  56. Sending lots of love your way as you drift off to dreamland.
  57. Have a peaceful night and fond dreams!
  58. May the stars watch over you as you sleep tonight.
  59. Sweet dreams, my beautiful friend!
  60. Sleep tight and keep shining bright!
  61. Time to drift off into the land of dreams!
  62. Wishing you a night full of peaceful rest and sweet dreams.
  63. Have a goodnight filled with cuddles and kisses!
  64. Sleep soundly, my love!
  65. May your sleep be full of pleasant surprises!
  66. Have a night full of sweet dreams and peaceful sleep.
  67. Bidding you a goodnight with lots of love and hugs!
  68. May you have a night of restful sleep and sweet dreams!
  69. Sleep well, my love!
  70. Have a goodnight like a starry sky!
  71. Rest easy, my friend. Sweet dreams!
  72. I’m wishing you peace and comfort as you slumber tonight.
  73. Goodnight to the brightest star in my sky!
  74. Wishing you a night full of beautiful dreams!
  75. Have a goodnight and pleasant dreams!
  76. Sleep peacefully, my friend.
  77. Sweet dreams and have a restful sleep!
  78. Goodnight and keep shining your light!
  79. I hope your night is as incredible as yours!
  80. Get some well-deserved rest tonight!

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