60 Creative and Funny Ways to Say Of Course

When it comes to expressing agreement or assent, the phrase “of course” might feel a bit dull and predictable. Why settle for the ordinary when you can sprinkle your conversations with a dash of creativity and humor? Whether you’re engaging in casual banter, responding to a request, or simply affirming a statement, there’s no shortage of delightful alternatives to say “of course” that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. In this article, we’ll explore a collection of witty and imaginative ways to replace the mundane phrase “of course,” injecting a playful touch into your everyday interactions.

So, prepare to dive into a world of whimsy and wit as we uncover some of the most creative and funny ways to say, well, you know… of course!

Ways to Say Of Course

Below are the 5 best ways to say “Of Course” in 2024:

  1. Absolutely
  2. Definitely
  3. Sure thing
  4. No doubt
  5. You bet


Ways to Say Of Course

Funny Ways to Say Of Course

Below are the 30 funny ways to say “Of Course”:

  1. Yes, as reliable as a dog chasing its tail.
  2. You bet your last piece of toilet paper!
  3. Definitely, as much as a dingo digs dinner.
  4. Evidently, like an elephant eyeing an éclair.
  5. For sure, like a flamingo fancies a fancy flight.
  6. Guaranteed, just like a goat going gaga for garbage.
  7. Heck yes, like a hamster hankering for a ham sandwich!
  8. Indisputably, like an iguana idolizing insects.
  9. Just as sure as a jackal jumps for joy.
  10. Kind of like a kangaroo keen on kicking.
  11. Likely as a lemur loving lollipops.
  12. Most certainly, like a monkey munching on mangoes.
  13. Naturally, like a narwhal needs the North Sea.
  14. Obviously, like an octopus obsesses over odd objects.
  15. Positively, like a panda prioritizes pastries.
  16. Quite certainly, like a quokka quickly quaffs quinces.
  17. Really, as real as a raccoon raiding a recycling bin.
  18. Surely, like a sloth savors slow Sundays.
  19. Totally, like a toucan treasures tropical treats.
  20. Unmistakably, like a unicorn understands the universe.
  21. Verily, like a vulture values a vast valley.
  22. Without a doubt, like a walrus worships watermelons.
  23. Yes, as much as a yak yodels in Yellowstone.
  24. Is Bigfoot camera shy?
  25. As predictable as rain in London.
  26. Sure as a dog loves a fire hydrant.
  27. You bet your last piece of toilet paper!
  28. As reliable as a unicorn’s map to the rainbow.
  29. You bet your rubber duckie!
  30. Sure, like a cat loves a laser pointer.

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Creative Ways to Say Of Course

Below are the 30 creative ways to say “Of Course”:

  1. Indeed, it is.
  2. Yes, absolutely so.
  3. Certainly, no doubt.
  4. Assuredly, that’s true.
  5. Unquestionably, yes indeed.
  6. Sure as sunrise.
  7. Affirmative, without question.
  8. Positively, that’s correct.
  9. Unarguably, it’s true.
  10. Truly, it is.
  11. Undeniably, no argument.
  12. Decidedly, it’s fact.
  13. Beyond any doubt.
  14. Indeed, it’s guaranteed.
  15. Yes, unequivocally so.
  16. Absolutely, no exceptions.
  17. Indisputably, that’s right.
  18. Undoubtedly, it’s true.
  19. Evidently, that’s correct.
  20. Most assuredly, yes.
  21. Clearly, no denial.
  22. Unmistakably, that’s right.
  23. Unassailably, it’s true.
  24. Yes, beyond dispute.
  25. Sure as stars.
  26. Definitively, no contest.
  27. Absolutely, no mistake.
  28. Confirmed, without doubt.
  29. Right you are.
  30. Indeed, quite so.

Funny Ways to Say Of Course Creative Ways to Say Of Course


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