80 Creative and Funny Ways to Say Put a Condom On

When it comes to promoting safe and responsible sexual practices, humor can often be a valuable tool. Finding creative and funny ways to convey the importance of using a condom not only adds a touch of lightheartedness to the topic but also helps engage and educate people in a memorable way. From playful puns to clever innuendos, there are countless entertaining ways to encourage the act of putting a condom on.

In this article, we will explore a collection of witty and inventive phrases that not only bring a smile to your face but also emphasize the significance of practicing safe sex. So buckle up, folks, and prepare for a hilarious journey of condom-related wordplay and laughter!

Ways to Say Put a Condom On

Below are the 5 best ways to say “Put a Condom On” in 2024:

  1. Let’s make sure we’re both protected.
  2. I think it’s important for us to be safe.
  3. How about we use a condom to keep things worry-free?
  4. Using protection is important to me; do you mind if we use a condom?
  5. Let’s set a good example by being responsible.

Ways to Say Put a Condom On

Funny Ways to Say Put a Condom On

Below are the 40 funny ways to say “Put a Condom On”

  1. Deploy the love glove.
  2. Set up your personal safety barrier.
  3. Time to wrap the surprise.
  4. Suit up for the spacewalk.
  5. Unroll the safety scroll.
  6. Don the balloon suit.
  7. Establish the latex fortification.
  8. Initiate your personal security protocol.
  9. Launch the life raft.
  10. Install the romance rubber.
  11. Embark on the rubber mission.
  12. Ascend the latex mountain.
  13. Unfurl the safety flag.
  14. Time to introduce the undercover agent.
  15. Prepare the submarine for a deep dive.
  16. Turn the protection power on.
  17. Time for the gentleman to wear his evening coat.
  18. Slip into the armor of love.
  19. Fasten your safety belt before the rollercoaster ride.
  20. Step into the waterproof raincoat.
  21. Inflate the love airbag.
  22. Get ready for a snorkeling session.
  23. Secure your treasure with a rubber seal.
  24. Equip your banana with a peel.
  25. Prepare for the love quest with your magic vest.
  26. Prepare your one-eyed warrior for battle.
  27. Slide on the safety sheath.
  28. It’s time for the love soldier to wear his helmet.
  29. Time to set up the intimacy umbrella.
  30. Saddle up before the rodeo.
  31. Launch your lunar lander with a heat shield.
  32. Time to pack your love lunch in its wrapper.
  33. Prepare the magic wand with its protective sleeve.
  34. The wizard needs his cloak before casting spells.
  35. Attach the safety harness before the bungee jump.
  36. Secure your pearl in the oyster.
  37. It’s time for the serpent to shed its skin.
  38. Turn on your firewall before surfing.
  39. Time to use your love life preserver.
  40. Apply your velvet armor before the joust.

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Creative Ways to Say Put a Condom On

Below are the 40 creative ways to say “Put a Condom On”;

  1. Slip into safety gear.
  2. Armor up.
  3. Enlist your private’s protection.
  4. Engage the rubber shield.
  5. Suit up for the mission.
  6. Wear your raincoat.
  7. Ensure your soldier’s helmet.
  8. Don your invisible tuxedo.
  9. Install the love glove.
  10. Set up the barrier reef.
  11. Get your magic cloak ready.
  12. Prepare the latex fortress.
  13. Unroll the safety scroll.
  14. Equip the intimate umbrella.
  15. Dress your knight for battle.
  16. Launch the love rocket.
  17. Strap on the safety belt.
  18. Get into the diving suit.
  19. Take the safety plunge.
  20. Wear your love hat.
  21. Activate the romance barrier.
  22. Roll on the passion protector.
  23. Initiate the safety protocol.
  24. Use the undercover agent.
  25. Secure the love lock.
  26. Wrap the royal gift.
  27. Pack your passion parachute.
  28. Set the safety seal.
  29. Prep your latex liaison.
  30. Ensure the romance reserve.
  31. Hoist the safety sail.
  32. Uphold the intimate insurance.
  33. Apply the love layer.
  34. Arm your romantic ranger.
  35. Buckle the passion belt.
  36. Uphold the velvet shield.
  37. Commandeer the love liner.
  38. Harness the night knight.
  39. Launch the latex liaison.
  40. Slide into the safety sheath.


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