60+ Creative and Funny Ways to say Something Is Expensive

In a world where the cost of living seems to skyrocket faster than a rocket on a mission to Mars, finding creative and funny ways to express the astronomical prices of everyday items has become an art form. When faced with the jaw-dropping sticker shock, why settle for mundane phrases like “expensive” or “pricey”? Instead, embark on a linguistic adventure where wit and humor reign supreme, as we explore a plethora of delightfully imaginative ways to exclaim, “Wow, that’s gonna burn a hole in my pocket!” From comparing prices to unicorn horns or describing purchases as investments in the national debt, prepare to be entertained and enlightened as we journey through the whimsical realm of expressing just how exorbitantly something expensive truly is.

Ways to Say Something Is Expensive

Below are the 5 best ways to say “Something Is Expensive” in 2024:

  1. It’s a bank-breaker.
  2. Pricey premium.
  3. Wallet-weeping.
  4. Costs a fortune.
  5. Exorbitant expense.

Funny Ways to Say Something Is Expensive

Below are the 30 funny ways to say “Something Is Expensive”:

  1. Only a lottery winner could afford this.
  2. It costs more than my future retirement.
  3. They’re charging the GDP of a small nation for it.
  4. The price tag requires a telescope to see the top.
  5. I’d need to rob a bank to afford that.
  6. You’d need to be a movie star to afford it.
  7. Equal to an elephant made of gold.
  8. Got to be a gold-digger to afford this.
  9. Pricier than a palace in Paris.
  10. Usual buyers use uncut diamonds as currency.
  11. Worth 1,000,000 bucks and then some.
  12. It’s a 2nd mortgage kind of purchase.
  13. 3 times as expensive as my first car.
  14. It’s a 4 leaf clover in a field of prices.
  15. 5-star hotel kind of pricey.
  16. 6-figure price tag, easy.
  17. 7 wonders of the world wrapped into one price.
  18. Could buy an 8-course meal for an army with that money.
  19. Could circle the globe 9 times instead of buying this.
  20. A perfect 10 on the scale of “break the bank.”
  21. Could buy 11 luxury cruises for this price.
  22. Like paying for 12 months of tropical vacations.
  23. As if I’m buying 13 purebred racehorses.
  24. I’d need a 14-carat gold mine to afford that.
  25. That price could fund my next 15 years of vacation.
  26. You could eat 16 gourmet meals for that price.
  27. It’s like buying 17 designer dresses.
  28. You could buy an 18-wheeler truck with that.
  29. Could make 19 trips to the spa instead of buying this.
  30. Costs as much as 20 years worth of coffee.

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Creative Ways to say Something Is Expensive

Below are the 30 creative ways to say “Something Is Expensive”:

  1. It carries the price of an exotic holiday.
  2. The price tag screams exclusivity.
  3. An arm and a leg it costs.
  4. Bank-breaking price it carries.
  5. Dent in the wallet it’ll be.
  6. Expensive as an exotic holiday.
  7. Fortune, it’s like spending a small one.
  8. Golden price tag it flaunts.
  9. Hefty is the price you’ll pay.
  10. That comes with a golden price tag.
  11. Investment of a major scale it’ll be.
  12. Just like buying a fleet of luxury cars.
  13. King’s ransom it’s worth.
  14. Luxury cruise price tag it carries.
  15. Mountain of gold it’s worth.
  16. Not for the faint-hearted or thin-walleted.
  17. Opulence is its price’s middle name.
  18. Platinum-grade expense it is.
  19. Quite a high roller’s delight.
  20. Ransom of a king, you could say.
  21. Spending on it is like buying a slice of the moon.
  22. Treasure chest it requires to purchase.
  23. Unusually pricey for an average joe.
  24. Very much a billionaire’s pastime.
  25. Wallet-busting expense it is.
  26. Exorbitant like a masterpiece.
  27. You’ll need to empty your piggy bank for this.
  28. Zeal of a collector it’ll take to purchase this.
  29. This will make your wallet thinner.
  30. It’s a platinum-grade expense.

Funny Ways to say Something Is Expensive Creative Ways to say Something Is Expensive 

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