120 Creative and Funny Ways to Say Thinking Of You

In our ever-connected world, expressing affection and thoughtfulness can often come across as clichéd and mundane. But when it comes to conveying to someone that they’re on your mind, who said you have to stick to the old script? It’s high time we break away from the usual “thinking of you” messages and add a dash of creativity and humor to the mix.

This article aims to inspire you with an array of ingenious, witty, and occasionally downright hilarious ways to let your loved ones, friends, or even colleagues know they’ve been occupying your thoughts. Prepare to transform your messaging game from humdrum to extraordinary.

Ways to Say Thinking Of You

Below are the 5 best ways to say “Thinking Of You” in 2024:

  1. You’re on my mind.
  2. Thinking of you often.
  3. You’ve been in my thoughts.
  4. Can’t stop thinking about you.
  5. You crossed my mind today.

Funny Ways to Say Thinking Of You

Below are the 60 funny ways to say “Thinking Of You”:

  1. My brain is your biggest fan, it won’t stop cheering!
  2. You’re the melody stuck in my brain’s playlist.
  3. If my thoughts were a circus, you’d be the star clown.
  4. My gray cells have pinned you as their all-time favorite.
  5. Pandas may eat a lot of bamboo, but I think of you more.
  6. Aardvarks can’t dig you out of my thoughts.
  7. Bumblebees can’t buzz as much as my mind does about you.
  8. Can’t unstick you from my thoughts, you’re like chewed bubblegum.
  9. Did you know you’re the monkey doing flips in my brain?
  10. Elephants remember everything and so does my mind, especially you.
  11. Ferrets down the burrows, you down my thoughts, same thing.
  12. Guess who’s riding my mental merry-go-round? Yup, that’s you!
  13. Honey, you’re the rabbit that’s been let loose in my head.
  14. Just like a kangaroo, you’ve hopped into my mind and can’t hop out.
  15. Koalas aren’t as clingy to eucalyptus as my mind is to thoughts of you.
  16. Like a lion chasing its tail, my thoughts chase you.
  17. My thoughts are like meerkats, always standing up to see you.
  18. Nobody puts baby in a corner, and nobody puts you out of my mind.
  19. Octopuses have eight arms, but my thoughts of you are infinite.
  20. Quokka smiles are cute, but the thought of you makes me happier.
  21. Raccoons rummage through trash while my thoughts rummage for you.
  22. Seems like you’re the squirrel that’s hoarding nuts in my mind.
  23. Tigers might be stealthy, but thoughts of you are louder.
  24. Underneath my mind’s umbrella, you’re the constant drizzle.
  25. Vultures might circle the sky, but my thoughts circle you.
  26. Walrus tusks aren’t as deeply rooted as you in my thoughts.
  27. X-ray vision doesn’t help, you’re deep inside my thoughts.
  28. You’re the yak my mind keeps yacking about.
  29. Zebras have stripes and my mind has constant thoughts of you.
  30. All aboard the train of thoughts and guess who’s the destination? You!
  31. Believe it or not, you’re the jam to my mind’s peanut butter sandwich.
  32. Compare my thoughts to a marathon, and you’re the never-ending finish line.
  33. Did you know, you’re the hiccup my mind can’t seem to stop?
  34. Ever been a pinball? Because my thoughts keep bouncing off you.
  35. Forget about dogs chasing their tails, my mind chases you.
  36. Give a thought to the theme park of my mind, because you’re the rollercoaster.
  37. Honestly, you’re the whirlwind in my mind’s hurricane.
  38. If my thoughts were a jigsaw puzzle, you’d be every piece.
  39. Just like a koala to a tree, my thoughts cling to you.
  40. Kangaroos hopping in my mind, and they all look like you.
  41. Look at my thoughts doing cartwheels, and you’re the reason why.
  42. My mind is a zoo, and you’re all the animals!
  43. Now you’re the revolving sushi in the conveyor belt of my mind.
  44. On the screen of my thoughts, you’re the film that won’t stop rolling.
  45. Pondering over you is like my mind’s favorite hobby.
  46. Quack! You’re the duck in the pond of my thoughts.
  47. Repeat after me, you’re the echo in my mind’s canyon.
  48. Spotlight’s on you in the theatre of my thoughts.
  49. The rodeo of my thoughts can’t seem to buck you off.
  50. Unleash you from my thoughts? Even if they were greyhounds, they can’t run that fast.
  51. Vampires may crave blood, but my thoughts crave you.
  52. Welcome to the bird show of my thoughts, where you’re the parrot.
  53. X-marks the spot and guess what? It’s you in my treasure map of thoughts.
  54. You’re the continuous beep in the EKG of my thoughts.
  55. Zip lining through my thoughts, there you go again!
  56. My mind’s a casino, and you’re the jackpot it hit.
  57. You’re the main ingredient in the soup of my thoughts.
  58. Like a baby with a pacifier, my thoughts won’t let go of you.
  59. If my mind was a museum, you’d be the main exhibit.
  60. Like a painter with one color, my mind only paints thoughts of you.

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Creative Ways to Say Thinking Of You

Below are the 60 creative ways to say “Thinking Of You”:

  1. I’ve been keeping you close in my thoughts.
  2. Sending positive vibes your way.
  3. Just wanted you to know you’re in my thoughts.
  4. My mind is filled with memories of you.
  5. You’ve been in my heart and thoughts lately.
  6. Know that you’re not alone in my thoughts.
  7. Beaming thoughts your way.
  8. Blissfully lost in thoughts of you.
  9. Captivated by memories of you.
  10. Dreaming of our moments together.
  11. Enchanted by thoughts of you.
  12. Floating on thoughts of you.
  13. Graciously holding you in my thoughts.
  14. Hopelessly drawn to you in my mind.
  15. Imagining us side by side.
  16. Journeying through memories of you.
  17. Kindling thoughts of you.
  18. Lost in a whirlwind of thoughts about you.
  19. Mindfully embracing thoughts of you.
  20. Nestled in thoughts of you.
  21. Overwhelmed by thoughts of you.
  22. Pensively pondering our connection.
  23. Quietly cherishing thoughts of you.
  24. Reminiscing about our time together.
  25. Surrendering to thoughts of you.
  26. Tangled in thoughts of you.
  27. Unwavering thoughts of you.
  28. Vividly recalling moments with you.
  29. Wondering where you are in my thoughts.
  30. Yearning for your presence in my mind.
  31. Zealously immersed in thoughts of you.
  32. Constantly in my thoughts.
  33. Daydreaming about you.
  34. Envisioning our moments together.
  35. Fondly remembering you.
  36. Gazing into thoughts of you.
  37. Holding you in my mind.
  38. Imagining our connection.
  39. Just can’t stop thinking of you.
  40. Keeping you close in my thoughts.
  41. Longing for your presence.
  42. Missing you in my thoughts.
  43. Never forgetting about you.
  44. Occupying my mind with you.
  45. Picturing us together.
  46. Quietly reminiscing about you.
  47. Reflecting on our time.
  48. Secretly keeping you in my thoughts.
  49. Thinking of you without end.
  50. Unceasing thoughts of you.
  51. Visualizing our future.
  52. Wishing you were here.
  53. Yearning for your company.
  54. Zealously thinking of you.
  55. Fantasizing about our connection.
  56. Holding you dear in my mind.
  57. Intently yearning for you.
  58. Longingly lost in thoughts of you.
  59. Cherishing memories of us.
  60. Aching for your thoughts.

Funny Ways to Say Thinking Of You Creative Ways to Say Thinking Of You

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