Top 20 Formal Way To Say Anyway

In both written and spoken language, variety adds flavor and sophistication. The word “anyway” is frequently used in day-to-day conversations, but there are times when a more formal touch is necessary. To elevate your diction in such instances, here are 20 formal alternatives to the word “anyway”.

Formal Ways To Say Anyway

Below are the 20 formal ways to say “Anyway”:

  1. In any case
  2. Nevertheless
  3. However
  4. That being said
  5. Be that as it may
  6. All the same
  7. Furthermore
  8. In any event
  9. Regardless
  10. As I was saying
  11. Moving on
  12. To continue
  13. Conversely
  14. On another note
  15. Moreover
  16. Still
  17. Thus
  18. Consequently
  19. To return to the point
  20. Nonetheless

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formal ways to say anyway

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