80 Formal Ways To Say Apologize

Conveying regret or acknowledging an oversight is an essential aspect of interpersonal communication. While the term “apologize” is universally understood and often used, there are situations where a diversified expression can add depth or specificity to your sentiment. Enhance your linguistic repertoire with these 80 formal alternatives to the word “apologize”.

Formal Ways To Say Apologize

Below are the 80 formal ways to say “Apologize”:

  1. I deeply regret my actions.
  2. Sorry for that.
  3. My oversight.
  4. Pardon me.
  5. Regrettably, I…
  6. That was thoughtless of me.
  7. Please bear with me.
  8. Deeply sorry for my actions.
  9. My bad.
  10. Regrets for the error.
  11. Sincere apologies.
  12. Believe, I’m sorry.
  13. Can’t excuse my mistake.
  14. Deeply sorry.
  15. Errors were mine.
  16. Forgive me.
  17. Genuinely sorry.
  18. Huge oversight; apologies.
  19. Wrong move; sorry.
  20. Profoundly sorry.
  21. It’s on me.
  22. Genuine oversight.
  23. My sincere regret.
  24. Failed you; apologies.
  25. A blunder on my part.
  26. Entirely my fault.
  27. Unintentional mistake; sorry.
  28. Please, pardon me.
  29. Error acknowledged.
  30. I shouldn’t have.
  31. Hope for your understanding.
  32. Unreservedly sorry.
  33. Missed the mark; apologies.
  34. Humbly seeking forgiveness.
  35. Recognize my wrongdoing.
  36. I slipped up.
  37. Awaiting your grace.
  38. Repentant for my act.
  39. Will amend my ways.
  40. Feel the weight of my error.
  41. Praying for your pardon.
  42. Accountability taken; I’m sorry.
  43. Misstep on my end.
  44. Wish I could redo.
  45. An act of negligence; sorry.
  46. Gravely wrong; apologies.
  47. I’m filled with remorse.
  48. Totally my oversight.
  49. Regrettable decision; apologies.
  50. A lapse in my judgment.
  51. I accept responsibility.
  52. Solely my misstep.
  53. Didn’t act appropriately.
  54. Seeking your patience.
  55. It wasn’t right of me.
  56. An unfortunate oversight.
  57. Hope you’ll understand.
  58. Gravely disappointed in myself.
  59. Acknowledge my carelessness.
  60. My actions speak; I’m sorry.
  61. I could’ve done better.
  62. Need your forbearance.
  63. Mistakenly acted; apologies.
  64. That wasn’t fair of me.
  65. Failed in my actions.
  66. Admitting my fault here.
  67. My insensitivity; sorry.
  68. Desiring your tolerance.
  69. I bungled; apologies.
  70. Couldn’t be more regretful.
  71. Please, bear with me.
  72. Owning up to my error.
  73. Regret is all mine.
  74. Carelessly acted; my bad.
  75. Should’ve been more thoughtful.
  76. Conceding my error.
  77. My indiscretion; apologies.
  78. Sorry for the oversight.
  79. Please, hear me out.
  80. Didn’t meet the mark.

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