Top 20 Formal Way To Say Around

Navigating the vast expanse of the English language, one often encounters the need for more refined expressions. The term “around” is versatile and widely used, but there are occasions that call for a touch of sophistication. Embark on this journey through 20 formal alternatives to the familiar term “around”.

Formal Ways To Say Around

Below are the 20 formal ways to say “Around”:

  1. Approximately
  2. Roughly
  3. Close to
  4. Nearly
  5. About
  6. Circa
  7. Nearby
  8. Almost
  9. Virtually
  10. Practically
  11. Bordering
  12. Adjacent
  13. Surrounding
  14. Encircling
  15. Encompassing
  16. Just over
  17. Just under
  18. In the vicinity
  19. In the realm
  20. On the order of

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formal ways to say around

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