200 Creative and Funny Ways to Say Crying

We’ve all experienced moments of sadness and confusion, but when it manifests into a fit of tears – there aren’t many euphemisms to express what we’re going through. Sure, you could say ‘tears streaming down my face’ or that you’re ‘weeping’, but these phrases don’t quite capture the emotion perfectly. Thankfully, language has evolved to include new terms and expressions that embody this feeling differently while still preserving its essence!

In this article, we’ll discuss creative and funny ways to say ‘crying‘ without spelling out what’s happening. So grab a hanky and get ready for some laughs as we explore the often hilarious alternatives available for describing this situation!

Ways to Say Crying

Below are the 5 best ways to say “Crying” in 2024:

  1. Weeping
  2. Bawling
  3. Sobbing
  4. Shedding tears
  5. Getting emotional

Ways to Say Crying

Funny Ways to Say Crying

Below are the 110 funny ways to say “crying”:

  1. Leaking eye faucets.
  2. Having a liquid emotion party.
  3. Turning on the tear sprinklers.
  4. Making a river of sorrow.
  5. Sobbing like a broken emoji.
  6. Experiencing a face monsoon.
  7. Engaging in a mascara meltdown.
  8. Creating a salty waterfall.
  9. Launching a tear duct rebellion.
  10. Moistening the eye makeup.
  11. Blubbering like a baby walrus.
  12. Sobbing like a soap opera star.
  13. Shedding tear confetti.
  14. Sprouting eye fountains.
  15. Turning into a tear factory.
  16. Dropping liquid sadness bombs.
  17. Having a weepy weep-a-thon.
  18. Unleashing the waterworks.
  19. Drowning in emotional H2O.
  20. Hosting a teardrop parade.
  21. Releasing your inner waterfall.
  22. Engaging in an eye rain dance.
  23. Creating a puddle of despair.
  24. Weeping like a leaky faucet.
  25. Letting your face go Niagara.
  26. Crying a river of salty dreams.
  27. Watering your face garden.
  28. Dampening the mood, literally.
  29. Initiating a snivel session.
  30. Conducting a mascara stress test.
  31. Experiencing a moisture malfunction.
  32. Going for an emotional swim.
  33. Leaking like a melancholy faucet.
  34. Turning on the tear taps.
  35. Releasing the inner drama queen.
  36. Raining from the eye clouds.
  37. Sending out distress signals via tears.
  38. Bawling like a drama llama.
  39. Experiencing a tearful downpour.
  40. Hosting a saline soirée.
  41. Flooding the emotional basement.
  42. Liquidating your emotional assets.
  43. Holding a sorrowful sprinkler party.
  44. Melting like a snowflake in July.
  45. Crying like you just lost a game of Monopoly.
  46. Commencing a face fountain display.
  47. Suffering from tear-induced humidity.
  48. Turning your face into a water balloon.
  49. Going for an emotional dip.
  50. Drenching your cheeks in sadness.
  51. Dropping salty pearls of emotion.
  52. Letting the eye seas rage.
  53. Releasing the inner tear dragon.
  54. Drowning your sorrows, literally.
  55. Starting a wet eye revolution.
  56. Holding a saline symphony.
  57. Getting in touch with your inner leaky faucet.
  58. Creating a puddle of sentiment.
  59. Baptizing your face with tears.
  60. Hosting a cry-along marathon.
  61. Initiating a mascara flood warning.
  62. Swimming in a sea of sorrow.
  63. Letting the sadness overflow.
  64. Sending out tear-coded messages.
  65. Experiencing a face monsoon.
  66. Dissolving into a puddle of feels.
  67. Leaking like a sorrowful teapot.
  68. Turning into a tear-filled well.
  69. Weeping like a sad clown.
  70. Crying like a broken emoji.
  71. Flooding the tear duct highway.
  72. Creating a salty moat of emotion.
  73. Going for a liquid therapy session.
  74. Suffering from moisture overdrive.
  75. Commencing a tear tsunami.
  76. Holding a sobbing symposium.
  77. Melting like a snowman in July.
  78. Crying like a waterfall in reverse.
  79. Hosting a saline stand-up comedy show.
  80. Flooding the heart’s basement.
  81. Liquidating your emotional inventory.
  82. Turning on the emotion sprinklers.
  83. Releasing the inner tear artist.
  84. Drowning in a sea of feelings.
  85. Commencing a face fountain parade.
  86. Suffering from tear-induced fog.
  87. Initiating a mascara meltdown.
  88. Swimming in a pool of sorrow.
  89. Letting the eye rivers flow.
  90. Creating a puddle of heartache.
  91. Holding a tear-filled talent show.
  92. Experiencing a facepalm of feelings.
  93. Leaking like a weepy faucet.
  94. Turning into a tearful waterfall.
  95. Weeping like a broken water balloon.
  96. Crying like a drama magnet.
  97. Flooding the emotional dam.
  98. Sending out SOS signals through tears.
  99. Hosting a saline slam poetry night.
  100. Dissolving into a pool of emotion.
  101. Melting like a popsicle in the sun.
  102. Crying like a riverboat captain.
  103. Commencing a face deluge.
  104. Liquidating your emotional currency.
  105. Holding a sobbing seminar.
  106. Releasing the inner tear-jerker.
  107. Drowning in a tidal wave of feels.
  108. Initiating a mascara malfunction.
  109. Swimming in a lake of sorrow.
  110. Letting the eye geyser erupt.

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Funny Ways to Say Crying

Creative Ways to Say Crying

Below are the 60 creative ways to say “crying”:

  1. Shedding tears
  2. Weeping
  3. Sobbing
  4. Sniveling
  5. Wailing
  6. Bawling
  7. Lamenting
  8. Misting up
  9. Tearfully expressing
  10. Blubbering
  11. Whimpering
  12. Melting into tears
  13. Dripping sorrow
  14. Leaking emotion
  15. Dissolving into sobs
  16. Unleashing a flood of tears
  17. Letting the waterworks flow
  18. Crying a river
  19. Raining from the eyes
  20. Swimming in tears
  21. Damp eyes
  22. Tearful eye rivers
  23. Tears flood my vision
  24. Heaving sobs
  25. Dabbing the wet cheeks
  26. Weeping freely
  27. Moist-eyed
  28. My eyes are brimming with tears
  29. Dismal mood
  30. Crying a storm
  31. Eyes spilling over with tears
  32. Weeping softly
  33. Tearful moment
  34. Tears well up in my eyes
  35. Teardrops streaming down the face
  36. Droplets of sadness falling from my eyes
  37. Crying my heart out
  38. Profusely weeping
  39. Quivering lips
  40. Sorrowful tears
  41. Tear-filled eyes
  42. Tearing up
  43. Tears rolling down the cheeks
  44. Weeping silently
  45. Watery eyes
  46. Letting the tears out
  47. Crying like crazy
  48. Teary-eyed
  49. Wiping away the tears
  50. Tears streaming in a torrent
  51. Shedding buckets of tears
  52. Eyes glistening with unshed tears
  53. Uncontrollable weeping
  54. Tears trickling down the cheeks
  55. Crying fit
  56. Silently shedding tears
  57. Moist-eyed moment
  58. Profusely sobbing
  59. Grief-stricken expression
  60. Emotions come pouring out

Creative Ways to Say Crying

 Synonyms of crying:

  1. Weeping
  2. Bawling
  3. Blubbering
  4. Sobbing
  5. Wailing
  6. Howling
  7. Whimpering
  8. Sniveling
  9. Wiping tears
  10. Shedding tears
  11. Tearing up
  12. Mopping up tears
  13. Getting teary-eyed
  14. Crying buckets
  15. Weeping like a baby
  16. Wailing like a banshee
  17. Shedding crocodile tears
  18. Crying a river
  19. Sniffling
  20. Blowing one’s nose
  21. Sneezing tears
  22. Drowning in tears
  23. Crying one’s eyes out
  24. Flooding the place with tears
  25. Sobbing uncontrollably
  26. Crying like a lost soul
  27. Crying like a kitten
  28. Weeping profusely
  29. Crying fit to burst
  30. Bawling one’s eyes out
  31. Shedding a million tears
  32. Crying like a broken heart
  33. Crying one’s heart out
  34. Sobbing like there’s no tomorrow
  35. Crying like the world is ending
  36. Crying until one is hoarse
  37. Weeping bitterly
  38. Sobbing so hard one can’t breathe
  39. Crying like a rainstorm
  40. Shedding tears of joy
  41. Crying tears of sadness
  42. Crying until one is exhausted
  43. Crying until one has no more tears
  44. Weeping like a willow tree
  45. Crying so hard one’s nose runs
  46. Sobbing so hard one’s chest hurts
  47. Crying until one is dizzy
  48. Shedding tears until one is blind
  49. Crying until one is deaf
  50. Crying until one is numb.

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