200 Creative and Funny Ways to Say Cheers

Are you looking for something new and creative to say when your friends, family, or colleagues clink glasses? When you need to inject a bit of fun into the room, why not use one of our 10 funny ways to say Cheers! From unusual colloquialisms from different countries around the world to unconventional made-up phrases, these suggestions will help liven up any social gathering.

So if you’re ready to learn some excitingly unique (and sometimes even silly) phrases so that your next toast is sure to have everyone roaring with laughter then read on and get ready for cheers like never before!

Ways to Say Cheers

Below are the 5 best ways to say “Cheers” in 2024:

  1. To the Future!
  2. To Connection!
  3. Here’s to Us!
  4. To New Horizons!
  5. Elevate!


Ways to Say Cheers

Funny Ways to Say Cheers

Below are the 120 funny ways to say “cheers”:

  1. To the nights when our dreams are just as wild as our parties!
  2. Cheers to the silent disco dancers who look like they’re dancing to nothing!
  3. Here’s to the karaoke songs that make us all feel like rockstars!
  4. May our laundry baskets always be filled with party clothes!
  5. To the mornings when our bed becomes our best friend!
  6. Cheers to the selfies that prove we had too much fun!
  7. Here’s to the neighbors who never call the police on us!
  8. May our hairdos be as unruly as our Friday nights!
  9. To the wisdom we gain… after a few drinks, of course!
  10. Cheers to the snacks that taste better at 2 AM!
  11. Here’s to the DJ who plays our favorite song twice in one night!
  12. May our text messages always make sense… to someone!
  13. To the dance moves that only make sense in our heads!
  14. Cheers to the bartenders who give us extra cherries for being fun!
  15. Here’s to the moments when we surprise ourselves with our talents!
  16. May our hangovers be as epic as our parties!
  17. To the party animals who wake up as early birds!
  18. Cheers to the friends who answer our drunk calls at 3 AM!
  19. Here’s to the photobombers who make our pictures unforgettable!
  20. May our fridge magnets tell the story of our adventures!
  21. To the poker nights where we bluff our way to victory!
  22. Cheers to the moments when we think we’re profound philosophers!
  23. Here’s to the morning coffee that saves us from our own choices!
  24. May our playlists be as diverse as our group of friends!
  25. To the classic movies we claim to understand after a few shots!
  26. Cheers to the people who can pronounce “Worcestershire” correctly!
  27. Here’s to the door handles we mistake for light switches!
  28. May our drunk texts never end up on the internet!
  29. To the dance moves that should come with warning labels!
  30. Cheers to the snacks that mysteriously disappear during parties!
  31. Here’s to the designated driver, our real-life superhero!
  32. May our Uber drivers never ask too many questions!
  33. To the frozen pizza that always rescues us from hunger!
  34. Cheers to the friends who still love us after seeing our drunk side!
  35. Here’s to the mornings when we can’t find our phones!
  36. May our selfies have filters that make us look sober!
  37. To the nights when we’re the life of the party… or so we think!
  38. Cheers to the karaoke microphones that endure our singing!
  39. Here’s to the bottle opener that’s always there when we need it!
  40. May our laughter be as infectious as our dance moves!
  41. To the remote control that magically disappears during parties!
  42. Cheers to the moments when our dance moves defy gravity!
  43. Here’s to the elevator that always seems to take forever!
  44. May our late-night snacks be as legendary as our stories!
  45. To the embarrassing childhood photos that resurface at family gatherings!
  46. Cheers to the awkward conversations we only remember in flashes!
  47. Here’s to the Uber drivers who never judge our destinations!
  48. May our karaoke performances become the stuff of legends!
  49. To the WiFi passwords that resemble complicated math equations!
  50. Cheers to the mornings when we can’t decide between coffee and Advil!
  51. Here’s to the brunches that rescue us from our hangovers!
  52. May our group chats be filled with hilarious memes and inside jokes!
  53. To the forgotten dance moves that make a triumphant return!
  54. Cheers to the designated driver who keeps our chaos in check!
  55. Here’s to the salsa that’s hotter than our dance floor moves!
  56. May our sunglasses be as stylish as our regrets!
  57. To the late-night snacks that always taste better after midnight!
  58. Cheers to the people who take epic photos of our adventures!
  59. Here’s to the karaoke stage where we all become rockstars!
  60. May our couches witness epic naps and Netflix marathons!
  61. To the late-night pizza delivery heroes!
  62. Cheers to the cat who judges us silently from the corner!
  63. Here’s to the mornings when we question our life choices!
  64. May our bar tabs be as long as our stories are tall!
  65. To the playlists that remind us of our teenage angst!
  66. Cheers to the friends who can decipher our drunk texts!
  67. Here’s to the moments we capture on Snapchat and promptly regret!
  68. May our karaoke duets rival those of famous singers!
  69. To the post-party cleaning crew with nerves of steel!
  70. Cheers to the snacks that are “just for emergencies”!
  71. Here’s to the mornings when we wake up fully clothed!
  72. May our Instagram stories be filled with epic moments!
  73. To the brave souls who attempt DIY bartending!
  74. Cheers to the bathroom mirror that always tells the truth!
  75. Here’s to the unexpected friendships forged on crazy nights!
  76. May our Uber ratings remain unscathed!
  77. To the party guests who stay late and help with the cleanup!
  78. Cheers to the takeout food that saves us from cooking!
  79. Here’s to the moments when we convince ourselves we can dance!
  80. May our hangover cures work like magic spells!
  81. To the karaoke DJ who patiently endures our song requests!
  82. Cheers to the nights when our laughter is the loudest music!
  83. Here’s to the kitchen that becomes a gourmet restaurant at 3 AM!
  84. May our selfies have filters that hide our tired eyes!
  85. To the mornings when we wake up feeling like superheroes!
  86. Cheers to the friends who make every night an adventure!
  87. Here’s to the alarm clock that reminds us of our responsibilities!
  88. May our party playlists be the soundtrack of our lives!
  89. To the moments when we become poets, philosophers, and comedians!
  90. Cheers to the memories that last a lifetime!
  91. To the fridge that stores our liquid courage!
  92. Cheers to the nights when our dance moves have no chill!
  93. Here’s to the toast that’s not burnt… yet!
  94. May our karaoke duets rival those of the pros!
  95. To the mornings when we find leftover pizza in the fridge!
  96. Cheers to the mispronunciations that only make sense to us!
  97. Here’s to the dance floor that turns everyone into Michael Jackson!
  98. May our selfies capture the essence of our wild nights!
  99. To the party animals who never need a curfew!
  100. Cheers to the roommate who tolerates our midnight cooking adventures!
  101. Here’s to the embarrassing autocorrects that make us laugh!
  102. May our mornings be as slow as our hangovers are fast!
  103. To the nights when we’re too fabulous to function!
  104. Cheers to the unexpected friendships forged at the bar!
  105. Here’s to the party playlist that never goes out of style!
  106. May our karaoke microphones always be turned up to 11!
  107. To the moments when we think we’re stand-up comedians!
  108. Cheers to the memories that keep us smiling for years!
  109. Here’s to the microwave that witnesses our late-night snacks!
  110. May our dance-offs be legendary, even if they’re forgotten!
  111. To the bartender who never judges our questionable drink orders!
  112. Cheers to the after-party breakfasts that cure everything!
  113. Here’s to the couches that become our best friends on weekends!
  114. May our selfies capture the epic moments of our lives!
  115. To the karaoke performances that bring the house down!
  116. Cheers to the playlists that soundtrack our escapades!
  117. Here’s to the alarm clock that relentlessly wakes us up!
  118. May our coffee be as strong as our will to survive the day!
  119. To the friends who keep our secrets and our spirits high!
  120. Cheers to the dance floor that transforms into a stage!

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Creative Ways to Say Cheers

Below are the 70 creative ways to say “cheers”:

  1. To the moon and back.
  2. To endless possibilities.
  3. Here’s to forever.
  4. To laughter and love.
  5. Celebrating the journey.
  6. To the stars in our eyes.
  7. For luck and levity.
  8. Here’s to the next adventure.
  9. To the tales yet to be told.
  10. Raising a toast to serendipity.
  11. To sweet victories.
  12. For unforgettable moments.
  13. Here’s to the good old days.
  14. To the bonds that never break.
  15. Here’s to the road less traveled.
  16. To friendships that stand the test of time.
  17. Celebrating the magic in everyday moments.
  18. To dreams that turn into reality.
  19. Here’s to the spice of life.
  20. Toasting to the sunrise of hope.
  21. Huzzah!
  22. Aloha!
  23. Sláinte!
  24. Na zdraví!
  25. Kanpai!
  26. Ya ho ho!
  27. Bottoms up!
  28. Cheers mate!
  29. Clink your glasses and toast to life’s joys!
  30. Here’s to a wonderful time!
  31. May we never forget the memories made tonight!
  32. All hail good drinks and company!
  33. To friendship and fun times ahead!
  34. Time to spill some bubbly with friends!
  35. Hip hip hooray to a great night!
  36. May the best of times be now and forever!
  37. Lift your glasses up and give it all you’ve got!
  38. A toast to the good life!
  39. Toast, click, hug, sip, and repeat!
  40. Here’s to living life to the fullest!
  41. May our glasses never be empty!
  42. May we always have reason to celebrate!
  43. Raise your glass and make a wish!
  44. Let’s cheer for all that lies ahead of us!
  45. Here’s to whatever comes next!
  46. Let’s start this evening off right!
  47. Are you ready for a night of cheers?
  48. Time to pop the bubbly and let our hair down!
  49. Let’s make a toast to good health and happiness!
  50. May we never forget the good times!
  51. Cheers to life’s greatest moments!
  52. Here’s to living life with no regrets!
  53. May we always have something to celebrate!
  54. To wonderful memories and new beginnings!
  55. Let’s make this a night to remember!
  56. Here’s to a world of infinite possibilities!
  57. May we always find joy and laughter in life!
  58. Time to raise our glasses high and toast to the future!
  59. Cheers to all that comes our way!
  60. Let’s make a toast in celebration of life!
  61. Here’s to living life with no fear!
  62. May the good times last forever!
  63. Let’s cheer on all of life’s celebrations!
  64. Raise your glass and join in the toast!
  65. To joy, laughter, and fun times ahead!
  66. Here’s to the life we all want to live!
  67. Let’s raise a glass and make a toast!
  68. Cheers to an amazing night ahead!
  69. May our glasses never run dry!
  70. A joyful shout to good times shared together!

Funny Ways to Say Cheers Creative Ways to Say Cheers

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