Other Synonym Words for “A Lot Of People”

“A lot of people” refers to a significantly large group or number of individuals, often used to indicate a majority or a substantial portion of a population or community.

Synonym Words for “A Lot Of People”

 Below are the synonym words for “A Lot Of People”:

1. A Great Number Of People

A great number of people gathered in the square to witness the annual parade.

2. A Large Crowd

The concert attracted a large crowd, filling the stadium to capacity.

3. Many Individuals

Many individuals in the community volunteered to help clean up the local park.

4. Scores Of Persons

Scores of persons lined up early in the morning to get tickets for the show.

5. A Multitude Of People

A multitude of people marched through the city advocating for climate change action.

6. Countless Individuals

Countless individuals have contributed to the success of the charity event.

7. A Host Of People

A host of people were seen enjoying the festivities during the cultural festival.

8. A Swarm Of People

As the doors opened, a swarm of people rushed into the store for the Black Friday sale.

9. Numerous Attendees

The conference was a success, with numerous attendees from various industries.

10. A Sea Of People

Looking out from the stage, the artist saw a sea of people, all cheering and dancing.

11. A Gathering Of Individuals

The town hall meeting saw a gathering of individuals eager to discuss community issues.

12. A Throng Of People

A throng of people filled the streets during the New Year’s Eve celebration.

13. Myriad People

Myriad people have passed through this historic square over the centuries.

14. A Legion Of Individuals

A legion of individuals stood in solidarity at the peace rally.

15. An Array Of People

The art exhibit attracted an array of people, each bringing their unique perspective.

16. A Conglomeration Of People

The food festival was bustling with a conglomeration of people, all eager to try different cuisines.

17. A Mass Of People

During the concert, a mass of people moved in unison to the rhythm of the music.

18. An Assembly Of Individuals

An assembly of individuals came together to volunteer for the beach cleanup initiative.

19. A Horde Of People

When the celebrity appeared, a horde of people gathered around to get a glimpse.

20. A Bevy Of People

The park was filled with a bevy of people enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Other Synonym Words for “A Lot Of People”

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