Other Synonym Words for “Agenda”

An agenda is a structured list of topics, objectives, or tasks to be discussed, addressed, or accomplished during a meeting or event, guiding participants and managing time effectively.

Synonym Words for “Agenda”

Below are the synonym words for “Agenda”:

1. Schedule

Let’s review the schedule for tomorrow’s meeting to ensure we’re all on the same page.

2. Itinerary

The event itinerary includes presentations from various departments.

3. Plan

Our plan for the project needs to be discussed during today’s meeting.

4. Program

The conference program outlines the sessions for each day.

5. Order of Business

Let’s stick to the order of business outlined in the email.

6. Docket

Please add any items to the meeting docket that need to be addressed.

7. List

I’ve prepared a comprehensive list of topics to cover in the training session.

8. Roster

The roster for the workshop includes all the guest speakers.

9. Calendar

We need to check the calendar to see when we can schedule the next meeting.

10. Timetable

Could you please provide the timetable for next week’s conference?

11. Outline

Let’s follow the outline to ensure we cover all key points.

12. Agendum

Each agendum will be discussed thoroughly during the session.

13. Inventory

The inventory for the meeting includes handouts and presentation materials.

14. Checklist

Before we adjourn, let’s go over the checklist to make sure nothing was missed.

15. Grid

The project manager created a detailed grid to track deadlines.

16. Calendar of Business

Please distribute the calendar of business so everyone knows what’s coming up.

17. Slate

We have a full slate of topics to cover in today’s meeting.

18. Scheme

Let’s review the scheme for the upcoming product launch.

19. Card

Each card on the board represents a different task to be completed.

20. Menu

The meeting menu includes discussions on budget allocations and resource planning.

Other Synonym Words for “Agenda”

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