Other Synonym Words for “Agree”

To agree is to share the same view or opinion about something, indicating harmony in thought or feeling, often resulting in a consensus or mutual decision-making process.

Synonym Words for “Agree”

 Below are the synonym words for “Agree”:

1. Concur

We concur with the committee’s recommendations on environmental policy.

2. Accord

After a lengthy discussion, both parties finally reached an accord.

3. Assent

The board gave its assent to the proposed merger after careful consideration.

4. Consent

After some negotiations, she gave her consent to the terms of the contract.

5. Concede

After reviewing the evidence, I must concede that you are right about the issue.

6. Acquiesce

Though initially reluctant, he finally acquiesced to the new company policy.

7. Comply

We will comply with the new regulations to ensure our project proceeds smoothly.

8. Approve

The director approved the final edit of the documentary before its release.

9. Endorse

The celebrity endorsed the health campaign, increasing its public visibility.

10. Ratify

The treaty was ratified by all member states, making it legally binding.

11. Sanction

The government sanctioned the new housing project, clearing the way for construction to begin.

12. Subscribe

I subscribe to your theory on climate change and its impact on agriculture.

13. Harmonize

Their visions for the project finally harmonized after several discussions.

14. Align

Our goals for the quarter align perfectly with the overall company strategy.

15. Conciliate

After some effort, we managed to conciliate the opposing parties on the main issues.

16. Sympathize

I sympathize with your viewpoint, but we need to consider the broader implications.

17. Correspond

Your interests correspond with ours, making this partnership beneficial for both parties.

18. Resonate

Your ideas resonate with our team, and we’re excited to implement them.

19. Jibe

Their plans for the merger didn’t quite jibe at first, but adjustments were made to ensure alignment.

20. Coincide

Our schedules coincide next week, so let’s plan the meeting for then.

Other Synonym Words for “Agree”

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