Other Synonym Words for “All In One”

“All In One” refers to a comprehensive solution or device that integrates multiple functions or features into a single unit, providing convenience and efficiency for various tasks or purposes.

Synonym Words for “All In One”

Below are the synonym words for “All In One”:

1. Comprehensive

I purchased a comprehensive toolset that includes everything I need for home repairs.

2. Versatile

This software is versatile, offering a wide range of functions to suit various needs.

3. Unified

The company introduced a unified approach to streamline its operations.

4. Integrated

The new system provides an integrated solution for managing both finances and inventory.

5. All-encompassing

The resort offers an all-encompassing package for vacationers, including meals, activities, and accommodations.

6. Holistic

The doctor recommended a holistic treatment plan to address all aspects of the patient’s health.

7. Complete

The course materials provide a complete overview of the subject matter.

8. All-purpose

She carries an all-purpose bag containing items for any situation.

9. Universal

The app functions as a universal remote for controlling various devices.

10. Omni-inclusive

The tour package is omni-inclusive, covering transportation, meals, and sightseeing.

11. Total

The new edition of the encyclopedia is a total reference source for students.

12. All-around

He is known for his all-around skills in both academics and sports.

13. Panoptic

The library boasts a panoptic collection of books on diverse subjects.

14. Jack-of-all-trades

She prides herself on being a jack-of-all-trades, able to handle any task thrown her way.

15. Comprehensive

The report offers a comprehensive analysis of market trends.

16. Universal

The remote control is universal, and compatible with all major television brands.

17. All-inclusive

The vacation package is all-inclusive, covering flights, accommodations, and meals.

18. Holistic

The therapist takes a holistic approach to treating mental health issues.

19. Overall

His overall performance in the tournament was outstanding.

20. Whole

The recipe book provides a whole range of dishes suitable for different occasions.

Other Synonym Words for “All In One”

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