Other Synonym Words for “All The Same”

“All the same” is a phrase used to indicate that despite differences or changes in situation, the outcome or opinion remains unchanged; equivalently, it means ‘nonetheless’ or ‘regardless’.

Synonym Words for “All The Same”

Below are the synonym words for  “All The Same”:

1. Nevertheless

Nevertheless, he decided to continue with his plan.

2. Nonetheless

She was very tired; nonetheless, she went to the gym.

3. Regardless

Regardless of the weather, the event will take place.

4. Even so

He knew it was a bad idea, but even so, he couldn’t resist trying.

5. Still

She had her doubts, but still, she decided to go ahead.

6. Yet

He was running late, yet he took the time to eat breakfast.

7. However

It was raining, however, the picnic continued as planned.

8. Notwithstanding

Notwithstanding the challenges, they remained optimistic.

9. In any case

In any case, we need to make a decision before noon.

10. At any rate

The movie was not what I expected, but at any rate, it was entertaining.

11. Be that as it may

Be that as it may, we have to follow the guidelines provided.

12. In spite of everything

In spite of everything, she managed to finish her work on time.

13. All the same

He was warned about the risks, but all the same, he decided to proceed.

14. After all

It seemed impossible at first, but after all, it was quite simple.

15. For all that

For all that it’s worth, I think we should try a different approach.

16. In any event

In any event, we’ll need to come up with a plan B.

17. That said

The path was dangerous; that said, it was the only way to reach the village.

18. All things considered

All things considered, it was a successful project.

19. With that being said

The task was difficult, but with that being said, it was not impossible.

20. Irrespective

Irrespective of your opinion, we will proceed as planned.

Other Synonym Words for “All The Same”

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