Other Synonym Words for “As Fast As Possible”

“As fast as possible” is an expression indicating the urgency or immediacy with which a task or action should be completed, emphasizing the need for swift and efficient execution without delay.

Synonym Words for “As Fast As Possible” 

Below are the synonym words for “As Fast As Possible”:


Example: She completed the task swiftly to meet the tight deadline.


Example: Please submit your report to the manager promptly.


Example: The car accelerated rapidly as it merged onto the highway.


Example: The team worked expeditiously to finalize the project ahead of schedule.


Example: Walk briskly to keep warm in the chilly weather.


Example: He responded to the email quickly to address the urgent matter.


Example: The courier delivered the package speedily within 24 hours.


Example: Realizing the mistake, she corrected it hastily before anyone noticed.


Example: The gazelle moved fleetly across the savannah, avoiding predators.

Like a Flash

Example: The magician disappeared like a flash after the final trick.

On the Double

Example: The captain ordered the crew to prepare for departure on the double.

In a Jiffy

Example: I’ll be back in a jiffy; just need to grab my coat.

In No Time

Example: With the new software, tasks were completed in no time.

Without Delay

Example: The emergency services arrived without delay to assist the accident victims.

Brisk Pace

Example: The team maintained a brisk pace throughout the marathon.


Example: Submit your application posthaste to secure your spot in the program.


Example: The chef prepared the dish lickety-split for the hungry customers.

PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick)

Example: Finish the assignment PDQ, and we can go for lunch.

At the Speed of Light

Example: Information travels at the speed of light in today’s interconnected world.


Example: The team completed the renovation double-quick to open the store on time.

Other Synonym Words for “As Fast As Possible”

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