Other Synonyms Words for “Abandoned”

Abandoned refers to something forsaken or deserted, often left in a state of neglect or disuse, with no intention of returning or reclaiming ownership or responsibility.

Synonyms Words for “Abandoned”

Below are the synonyms words for “Abandoned”:

1. Deserted

The once bustling marketplace is now deserted, with shops closed and streets empty.

2. Forsaken

The old farmhouse looked truly forsaken, with no signs of life for miles around.

3. Vacant

The vacant lot became a gathering place for stray animals and wandering souls.

4. Discarded

She discarded the broken watch, feeling it was time to let go of the past.

5. Neglected

The neglected garden was overrun with weeds, a shadow of its former beauty.

6. Derelict

The derelict building stood as a haunting reminder of the area’s industrial past.

7. Disused

The disused railway tracks had become a path for nature walks and cyclists.

8. Uninhabited

The island was uninhabited, offering a pristine environment for wildlife to thrive.

9. Castoff

The castoff furniture from the old hotel found a new home in the thrift shop.

10. Jilted

Feeling jilted by her former friends, she sought solace in new beginnings.

11. Marooned

The broken boat left us marooned on an islet, waiting for rescue.

12. Stranded

He was stranded at the airport overnight due to the unexpected flight cancellation.

13. Dumped

The alley was a common place where unwanted pets were cruelly dumped.

14. Left

She left her childhood toys in the attic, moving on to new chapters in life.

15. Rejected

The manuscript was rejected by publishers, but the author never lost hope.

16. Relinquished

He relinquished his claim to the throne, choosing a life of peace over power.

17. Withdrawn

The library books, long withdrawn from circulation, gathered dust on the top shelf.

18. Abandoned

The abandoned car had become a makeshift home for a family of raccoons.

19. Discarded

The letter was discarded without being read, its contents forever a mystery.

20. Forlorn

The forlorn puppy waited at the door, hoping its owners would return.

Other Synonyms Words for “Abandoned”

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