Other Synonym Words for “Allow Me To”

“Allow me to” is a polite expression requesting permission or offering assistance. It indicates a courteous intent to perform a task or action with the consent or approval of others.

Synonym Words for “Allow Me To”

Below are synonym words for “Allow me To”:

1. Permit Me To

Permit me to introduce myself; I am the new manager of the department.

2. Grant Me The Privilege Of

Grant me the privilege of presenting our proposal to the board.

3. Enable Me To

Enabling me to assist you with your request would be my pleasure.

4. Facilitate My

Facilitate my offering some insights into the matter at hand.

5. Authorize Me To

Authorize me to share the latest updates on the project with the team.

6. Empower Me To

Empower me to address any concerns or questions you may have.

7. Afford Me The Opportunity To

Afford me the opportunity to express my gratitude for your support.

8. Suffer Me To

Suffer me to express my admiration for your dedication to the cause.

9. Entitle Me To

Entitle me to extend an invitation to our upcoming event.

10. Sanction Me To

Sanction me to represent the company in the upcoming conference.

11. Endow Me With The Right To

Endow me with the right to share some insights on the upcoming project.

12. Confer Upon Me The Permission To

Confer upon me the permission to address the team during the meeting.

13. Give Me Leave To

Give me leave to discuss the potential improvements we can implement.

14. Consent To My

Consent to my proposing a new strategy for the marketing campaign.

15. Warrant Me To

Warrant me to elaborate on the key points of the proposal.

16. Enable Me The Liberty Of

Enable me the liberty of contributing my ideas to the brainstorming session.

17. Bestow Upon Me The Right To

Bestow upon me the right to make recommendations for process improvement.

18. Concede To My

Concede to my suggestion of implementing a flexible work schedule.

19. Greenlight Me To

Greenlight me to initiate the discussion on cost-cutting measures.

20. Favor Me With The Opportunity To

Favor me with the opportunity to address the team about the upcoming changes in policy.

Other Synonym Words for “Allow Me To”

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