Other Synonym Words for “And To Start A Sentence”

“And to start a sentence” refers to the conjunction “and” used at the beginning of a sentence. While traditionally discouraged, modern writing often permits this construction for stylistic or rhetorical emphasis.

Synonym Words for “And To Start A Sentence” 

Below are the synonym words for “And To Start A Sentence”:

1. Moreover

Example: The team performed exceptionally well in the competition. Moreover, they demonstrated excellent sportsmanship.

2. Not to mention:

The event had impressive speakers, not to mention engaging breakout sessions.

3. On top of that:

The project was completed ahead of schedule, and on top of that, it exceeded client expectations.

4. Furthermore

Example: The weather was perfect for a picnic. Furthermore, the park was not crowded.

5. Additionally

Example: Mary excels in academics. Additionally, she actively participates in various extracurricular activities.

6. Besides

Example: Mark enjoys hiking. Besides, his sister shares the same passion for outdoor activities.

7. Likewise

Example: Emma is passionate about environmental issues. Likewise, her friends share similar concerns.

8. In addition to that

Example: Alice is fluent in Spanish. In addition to that, she is learning French.

9. Equally important:

Customer satisfaction is a priority, and equally important, product quality is emphasized.

10. Plus:

The software update included bug fixes, plus it introduced exciting new features.

11. What’s more:

The team showcased innovative solutions, and what’s more, they received industry recognition.

12. In the same vein:

The department focused on cost-saving measures; in the same vein, efficiency was a key objective.

13. Alongside:

The marketing campaign highlighted brand values, alongside promoting new product launches.

14. At the same time:

The organization prioritizes employee well-being; at the same time, it strives for operational excellence.

15. Coupled with:

The company invested in employee training, coupled with advanced technology adoption.

16. Notwithstanding:

The economic challenges persisted; notwithstanding, the company maintained a positive outlook.

17. To boot:

The project was completed on time, and to boot, it came in under budget.

18. Similarly:

The team excelled in project management; similarly, they demonstrated strong leadership skills.

19. In conjunction:

The new software seamlessly integrated with existing systems; in conjunction, it improved overall efficiency.

20. In the same way:

The sales team met quarterly targets, and in the same way, the marketing team exceeded expectations.

Other Synonym Words for “And To Start A Sentence”

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