Other Synonym Words for “As Mentioned Before”

“As mentioned before” is a transitional phrase used to refer to information or points previously stated in a conversation or text, serving to reinforce or recall previously discussed content.

Synonym Words for “As Mentioned Before”

Below are the synonym words for “As Mentioned Before”:

1. As Previously Stated

Example: The project scope was clearly defined, and the team was reminded of their responsibilities, as previously stated in our last meeting.

2. In Earlier Discourse

Example: The client’s feedback was taken into consideration, and adjustments were made to the proposal, as discussed in earlier discourse.

3. Referenced Earlier

Example: The critical issues were highlighted, and the solutions were presented, as we referenced earlier in our documentation.

4. Retracing Steps

Example: The key decisions were revisited, and the team spent time retracing steps to ensure alignment with the project objectives.

5. Echoing Prior Points

Example: The market trends were analyzed, and the marketing strategy was adjusted, echoing prior points made in the market research report.

6. Per the Earlier Mention

Example: The project milestones were revisited, and updates were made per the earlier mention of the revised timeline.

7. In Accordance with Prior Information

Example: The training modules were discussed, and adjustments were made in accordance with prior information regarding the team’s skill development needs.

8. Recapping the Earlier Notions

Example: The budget constraints were emphasized, and the team was reminded to adhere to the financial limits, recapping the earlier notions discussed.

9. To Reiterate

Example: The importance of meeting deadlines was stressed, and the team was encouraged, to reiterate, to prioritize tasks accordingly.

10. Referencing the Antecedent

Example: The policy updates were shared, and expectations for compliance were reiterated, referencing the antecedent guidelines laid out by the management.

11. In a Prior Context

Example: The client’s requirements were reviewed, and the proposed solutions were aligned with the specifications discussed in a prior context.

12. Previously Indicated

Example: The project risks were assessed, and the mitigation plan was adjusted based on the factors previously indicated in the risk analysis.

13. As Anticipated

Example: The market changes were discussed, and adjustments were made to the sales strategy, as anticipated in response to shifting trends.

14. Harkening Back

Example: The team evaluated the project’s progress, harkening back to the initial objectives set in the kickoff meeting.

15. Circling Back to Earlier Points

Example: The product features were revisited, with the team circling back to earlier points about customer preferences and feedback.

16. From an Earlier Discussion

Example: The team deliberated on workflow improvements, taking inspiration from an earlier discussion on streamlining processes.

17. In Earlier Exposition

Example: The challenges were highlighted, and the team was reminded of strategies discussed in earlier exposition for overcoming similar obstacles.

18. In Light of Prior Information

Example: The market analysis was presented, and strategic decisions were made in light of prior information about consumer behavior.

19. Aforementioned Details

Example: The project timeline was revisited, and updates were made based on the aforementioned details regarding client preferences.

20. Retouching on Previous Notions

Example: The team reflected on project goals, retouching on previous notions to ensure alignment with organizational objectives.

Other Synonym Words for “As Mentioned Before”

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