Other Synonym Words for “As Stated Above”

As stated above” is a transitional phrase used to refer to information or points mentioned earlier in a document, conversation, or text, directing the reader or listener to previously presented content.

Synonym Words for “As Stated Above”

Below are the synonym words for “As Stated Above”:

1. Expressed Earlier

Example: The main objectives of the project were expressed earlier in the initial proposal.

2. Previously Mentioned

Example: The key findings, as previously mentioned, highlight the importance of sustainable practices.

3. Aforementioned

Example: The necessary steps for completion are outlined in the aforementioned document.

4. Stated Previously

Example: The guidelines for the experiment were stated previously in the research protocol.

5. Referenced Earlier

Example: The critical data points are referenced earlier in the introductory section of the report.

6. Cited Above

Example: The relevant sources supporting the argument are cited above in the literature review.

7. Noted Earlier

Example: The potential risks were noted earlier in the risk assessment phase of the project.

8. Declared Earlier

Example: The project milestones were declared earlier during the project initiation meeting.

9. Pointed Out Earlier

Example: The flaws in the system were pointed out earlier during the quality assurance review.

10. Indicated Previously

Example: The crucial steps for implementation are indicated previously in the procedural guide.

11. Mentioned Earlier

Example: The critical milestones for the project were mentioned earlier in the kickoff meeting.

12. As Noted Above

Example: The experimental procedures are detailed, as noted above, in the methodology section.

13. Enumerated Earlier

Example: The key features of the software were enumerated earlier in the user requirements document.

14. Delineated Above

Example: The strategic goals of the company were delineated above in the annual report.

15. Outlined Earlier

Example: The steps for troubleshooting were outlined earlier in the troubleshooting guide.

16. Described Above

Example: The characteristics of the new product were described above in the product specifications.

17. Highlighted Earlier

Example: The potential challenges were highlighted earlier in the risk analysis presentation.

18. Clarified Above

Example: The ambiguous terms were clarified above in the glossary section of the document.

19. Elaborated Previously

Example: The theoretical framework was elaborated previously in the literature review.

20. Reiterated Above

Example: The core principles of the approach were reiterated above in the conclusion of the paper.

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