Other Synonym Words for “As You Are Aware”

“As you are aware” is a phrase used to acknowledge that the recipient already possesses knowledge of the information being discussed, serving as a polite reminder or reinforcement in communication.

Synonym Words for “As You Are Aware”

Below are the synonym words for “As You Are Aware”:

1. Given That You Know

  • Example: The event has been postponed, and we’ll update you on the new date soon, given that you know about the changes.

2. Considering Your Awareness

  • Example: The policy updates have been shared with the team, and we trust everyone will adhere to them, considering your awareness of the new guidelines.

3. In Light Of Your Knowledge

  • Example: The project scope has expanded, and adjustments are needed, in light of your knowledge about the recent developments.

4. With Your Understanding

  • Example: The budget constraints require us to make prudent decisions, and we appreciate your cooperation with your understanding of the financial challenges.

5. Taking Into Account Your Awareness

  • Example: A new team member will join us next week, and we look forward to a smooth onboarding process, taking into account your awareness of our team dynamics.

6. In Consideration Of Your Information

  • Example: The meeting agenda has been revised, and we expect active participation in consideration of your information about the agenda items.

7. As Per Your Knowledge

  • Example: The project milestones have been achieved ahead of schedule, and this progress aligns as per your knowledge of the project timeline.

8. In View Of Your Understanding

  • Example: The market trends are evolving rapidly, and we must adapt our strategy in view of your understanding of the industry dynamics.

9. Acknowledging Your Familiarity

  • Example: The client’s expectations have been clarified, and we move forward acknowledging your familiarity with the client’s needs.

10. Being Mindful That You Know

  • Example: The office hours have been adjusted, and we expect everyone to be punctual, being mindful that you know about the new schedule.

11. In Your Awareness

  • The company policies have been updated, and, in your awareness, we encourage everyone to review the changes.

12. Per Your Knowledge

  • The financial report has been shared, and we trust that, per your knowledge, you’ll provide valuable insights during the meeting.

13. With Your Understanding

  • The upcoming project is complex, and, with your understanding, we believe we can tackle it successfully as a team.

 14. Considering Your Awareness

  • The market dynamics are evolving, and decisions should be made wisely, considering your awareness of the industry trends.

15. As You Grasp

  • The technology updates are crucial, and, as you grasp, staying updated will enhance our efficiency.

16. In Your Consciousness

  • Team collaboration is key, and, in your consciousness, remember to communicate regularly for a smoother workflow.

17. With Your Knowledge

  • The client expectations have changed, and, with your knowledge, we can tailor our approach to meet their requirements.

18. Per Your Awareness

  • The schedule adjustments are necessary, and, per your awareness, please coordinate with your team accordingly.

19. Considering Your Understanding

  • New strategies are being implemented, and decisions should be made collectively, considering your understanding of the market dynamics.

20. As You Comprehend

  • The training materials have been distributed, and, as you comprehend, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Other Synonym Words for “As You Are Aware”

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